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@JohnnieBanana 自主品牌 @NINEPUSH 重返校园全片发布!Johnnie Banana和马太@Matai-PTS 与同行摄影师一起来到香港一所废弃的学校,黑板成了Wallride道具,讲台成了Box,上学时梦想征服的道具称为现实了!
Hi, my name is Alex Rodriguez (@trinkeiter), a videographer from Spain and have been living in Hong Kong since 2011, I love to explore new skate spots in Hong Kong with my homies and to create new ideas for skate videos. We were so excited when a friend from HK Urbex (@hkurbex) told us this awesome location of an abandoned school and I had some crazy brainstormings to shoot a skate video there! And I quickly contacted a couple of skaters from Ninepush (#ninepush) team, Johnnie Banana Tang(@johnniebanana , owner of Ninepush), Ma Tai (@ma.tai) , and Olaf Van Dod (@olafvandod) a photographer from Spain based in Shanghai to help me with this project. It was not easy to film there, the school was full of little plastic balls (soft gun bullets) we spent hours cleaning the school before we can skate, as well we found many destroyed blackboards and furnitures which we can play with. We didn’t really destroy anything in the school, we just cleaned up for hours and recycling the rubbishes for skating, we respect and will not enjoy the destruction of a place like that), the achievement of this video is even creating more desires for us to search new skate spots in China or around Asia and to film more creative skateboarding videos moving forward.


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