HERO聚英雄迎2018滑板聚会!12月30日HERO带领大家在英雄广场展开滑板SKATE JAM聚会!没有规则没有限制,面向所有滑手开放的滑板游戏,只要在道具上完成任何不重复的招数即可获得HERO及众多赞助商礼包随机发放的精美礼品一份!!奖品由VANS CHINA , THRASHER, BSS DIST, DGK, GRIZZLY, IMTD, DICKIES, MONSTER等品牌赞助商提供!!SKATE FOR FUN, CHILL FOR 2018!!
Hero SKATE JAM PARTY will held at Hero park on 30th Dec, no rules no limit, every skater who landed any different tricks will get a random gift from the sponsors! All gifts sponsored by VansChina, thrasher, bss dist, dgk, imtd, dickies, monster, and grizzly etc. Skate for fun, chill for 2018!! See you in Hero park on 30th Dec this Saturday!!!


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