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Funboxx于7月7日主办了中国首届碗池巡回赛的入围赛。一共23位选手和他们的家人,朋友来到了上海 SMP 滑板场 。本赛次的场地是位于公园前方的迷你8字碗池。 选手们被分成了男女生组,以及初学者组(beginners),中级组(immatures),和“老道”组(the old dogs). 选手有来自中国上海,桂林,也有来自欧美的青少年选手… …(请阅读全文)
On July 7, Independent Trucks Company held the qualifying of Rice Bowl Series Summer 2007 China at Shanghai SMP Skate Park. It’s the very first rice bowl contest in the nation.Twenty-three skateboarders showed up at the kickoff with their supporting families and friends. Skateboarders came from mainland China, United States and Europe. They competed over four divisions, the females, the beginners, the immature, and the “old dogs”.
比赛由其创始人Joe Eberling整场解说,从下午4点一直持续到了晚上。众多选手各显神通。 其中17岁的上海女生郭怡君,虽然开始滑碗池时间只有一个月,但却已进步神速,继而赢得了女子组的头衔。19岁来自桂林的覃锐,带着”中国half-pipe第一人”的称号,轻松取得了中级组晋级的资格,而l“老道”组的头一名则属于来自美国密歇根州的Johnathon Meador. Johnathon 今年22岁,但已经在滑板上飞驰了8年了, 不愧为是功到自然成。
此次巡回赛决赛将于7月21日在SMP滑板场举行。奖品由Independent 系列提供

The contest, hosted by Joe Eberling of the Independent Trucks, took place at the “8” shaped mini bowl, and lasted about four hours starting at 4pm.
Guo Yijun, the 17-year-old girl from Shanghai won the first place of the females division. She started the rice bowl only a month ago.
Known as the “first half-pipe man in China”, 19-year-old Qinrui from Guilin, Guizhou Province, were qualified for the immature division at the final.
The first place of “old dogs” crowned at Jonathon Meador, 22 year old from Michigan, United States. Meador has skateboarded for eight years.
The finals will take place on July 21. All prizes provided by Independent Trucks Company.


Jonathan Meador,Michigan,U.S.age 22


Joe Eberling 48岁!

Rocky Li,Shanghai,China,age 24,skated for 2 yrs.

Zackary Voigt,age 11, skated 1.5 yrs


覃锐 Guilin,China age 19,has skated for 4 years

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