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3月17日,广州 HEROSKATE 将会带来大片 Baker 3 的首映活动!现场免费白熊啤酒及小吃饮品,还有 Baker 提供的滑板、短袖T恤、贴纸以及HERO提供的各种奖品!3月17日下午三点英雄广场不见不散!7点更有HERO店铺签名首映!详情进来看!

15:00 Baker PRO 表演
15:30 和 Baker PRO 们进行 Game of SKATE,有奖品!
16:30 铁凳子大绝招
17:30 5层台阶大绝招
18:30 活动结束,HERO店铺开始签名
20:00 HERO店铺首映
21:00 活动结束

15:00 demo time for baker pros
15:30 game of skate with baker pros , who want to challenge the pro to get a letter win something
16:30 best trick on the iron chair, winner got baker deck and other prize
17:30 best trick on the 5 stairs, winner got baker deck and other prize
18:30 end of the event and back to hero shop to do the signing
20:00 premiere at the hero shop doorway
21:00 end of the event


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