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著名的Etnies Brookie杯荷兰滑板赛又来了,该赛事由Burnside滑板场主办,主要面向荷兰年轻的滑手,在友好和轻松的气氛中进行,前几届的获胜者现在都已经成为赞助选手。详情请看比赛海报…
It’s time, once again, for etnies Holland to drop it’s world famous BROOKIE CUP!
Hosted and held in Burnside skatepark (in Deventer, not Portland) this contest brings all the new young guns from Holland together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Previous winners are now all sponsored riders, so the winners from this year will claim some fame for sure! See you there!
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Shizervision – Dave Bachinsky
My Lacie firewire drive, a.k.a. ‘The Shizervision Matrix’, is just about maxed out so I’m gonna bless you up with some footage of Dave Bachinsky breaking it down in China, Chicago, California, and Canada. See you in a fortnight.
Filmed by: James Wilschke

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Spring is here and summer is about to start boiling at the concrete bowl. And summer, my little friends, means another edition of the intergalactically-famous X Games. It’s number 13, son!
X Games夏季极限运动会今年已经是第13个年头了,五一期间在上海举办的亚洲极限运动会刚完,美国的X Games马上又来了,时间定在8月2日-5日。今年还增加了两个比赛项目… …

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Looks like one wheel Segway.
收看video演示请继续阅读全文 please continue reading for watch the video demo
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Hundreds of new skateparks are being built every year. It is a boom era for public skateboarding facilities. However, no public skatepark has ever been built without a group of dedicated advocates promoting the project. This new book encourages and guides people through the skatepark process… …(check the website for more info)
IASC( International Association Of Skateboard Companies 国际滑板公司协会),Skaters for Public Skateparks和Tony Hawk基金会最近联合推出了一本书《公共滑板场发展指南》… …

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In addition to being a professional snowboarder, Shaun White is now a pro skateboarder for Birdhouse.
年仅21岁的Shaun White可以说是现在最炙手可热的单板滑雪职业选手,1993年开始滑板,2003年获得BURTON的赞助转为职业单板滑雪选手,并屡获大奖(包括冬季奥运会的单板滑雪金牌),登上过著名音乐杂志Rollingstone的封面,录制过美国最知名的访谈节目,可以说是十足的明星。2006年,ADIO为其推出了签名款滑板鞋,今天,Birdhouse滑板公司正式宣布Shaun White成为其职业滑板队的一员,至此,第一个滑板、滑雪双料职业选手诞生了!(挣的工资和赞助费也是双份奥)

Birdhouse发布了一段video来介绍Shaun White的加入…

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We are proud to announce that Blind, Black Label, Foundation, and Zoo York will be the competitors for the 2007 King of the Road. Check back soon for each team’s line-up and other exclusive KOTR information.

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Ryan Sheckler’s homepage just updated, go check it out.
Ryan Sheckler的个人官方网站刚刚做了改版更新,有兴趣的朋友可以去看看。

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SUPRA在佛罗里达的宣传活动照片 和 video(请阅读全文)
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