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三亚回来已经一周了,一直想给上个周末的冲浪活动写点东西,但工作太忙没有时间,趁着今天周末赶紧“补作业”。(阅读全文查看全文) I have been back from Sanya almost a week, I went there for a surfing event be present by … read more

I think the designer and the maker do not know what is the surfing… look at the board : ( … read more

中国冲浪公开赛已经结束半个多月了,一直没有时间把照片整理出来,今天终于搞好了一些,发上来给大家看一下。冲浪真的是一件非常好玩的事情: ) Photos about the 5th China Surf Open in Shenzhen, China at Dec. 8th-9th