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If you’re looking for some solid content, check out the all new Girl Skateboards site. They’ve got video, photos, interviews, … read more

The good people at LRG Clothing have redesigned their site with plenty of content for you to feast your eyes … read more

Mystery Launched New Site at Sep.17th. Go check it out… Mystery开通了改版后的新网站,有很多新产品的展示。

The intro to the new EA Skate game is a pretty impressive skate skit. If those guys where a real … read more

Altamont在Andrew Reynolds的带领下进展非常顺利,近期又对他们的网站作了全面改版,同时发布了2007秋季全线新款服装。(阅读全文查看详情) Altamont Apparel just updated their website and announced fall 07 collections!(continue reading for more details)

  最近关于EA最新推出的滑板游戏SKATE的消息不断,作为滑板游戏的霸主ACTIVITION公司的TONY HAWK系列自然也不能坐以待毙,该系列最新大作Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground最近开通了官方网站,放出了大量高分游戏截图,桌面壁纸下载以及一段游戏模式介绍video。到底孰优孰劣就看你的选择了(点击上面小图查看高分游戏截图,继续阅读观看或下载游戏预览视频及更多…) EA was launched the offcial website for Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, there are many … read more

adidas has just relaunched their skateboarding website…new colors, new apparel, new photos and, of course, new shoes. Worth a look…. … read more

2007年8月号的Thrasher封面是上海的SMP滑板场(点击小图查看大图) The cover of 2007 Augest issue of Thrasher Magazine is Shanghai SMP skatepark.

Andrew Reynolds, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman, Beagle, Shane Heyl and Camille Driscoll have a new band called The Goat. … read more