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| 27 Jun 2007 ||

The Skate Mafia just relaunched their website with lots of news, photos, and footage for you guys to enjoy. 滑板品牌Skate … read more

还有人记得这个滑板轮的牌子么?Autobahn,好像已经沉默很久了,最近刚刚开通了全新的网站,去看看他们有什么新产品和新队员吧。 The new Autobahn Wheels site is up and rolling now. Click around and see the new wheels and all … read more

New Nike SB Site online now. Nike just re-designed their SB website and it looks pretty good.

如果无法观看点此链接 看看EA最新滑板游戏SKATE的全新操作方式是否真的很滑板呢

如果你正头疼找不到好听的滑板音乐那么今天就给你一个不错的清单,EA sports 正式对外公布旗下首款备受期待的滑板游戏《SKATE》中所选用的音乐清单。 Electronic Arts announced today the complete track listing in SKATE.


Satori Wheels改版了他们的网站 还有一些新的桌面可以下载:

Ed’s new book “Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back” should be available in your local skateshop very soon. … read more

BlackBox Wallpaper

| 31 May 2007 ||

点击下图去BlackBox官方下载页 Click the pic blow to download them

Hundreds of new skateparks are being built every year. It is a boom era for public skateboarding facilities. However, no … read more