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Ryan Sheckler的第一辆车是一部精心改装过的路虎揽胜!豪华的音箱设备,甚至带PS2!像这种介绍PRO开什么车,住什么房子的小片子无疑是在给无数的滑板爱好者一个暗示:好好练板吧,滑好滑板就是无尽的财路啊!谁说滑板没出息,滑板一样出明星!(但是,需要转折一下,这些暗示的前提是在美国: ),中国,也会有这一天的,在“不久”的将来吧… …)

Andrew Reynolds, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman, Beagle, Shane Heyl and Camille Driscoll have a new band called The Goat. … read more

It’s official: Shaun White’s hair ain’t the only thing that’s on fire. After snatching first place at the last two … read more

With an impressive list of wins over the past few years and equally impressive video parts, Foundation has thrown Sierra … read more

TK teams up with DJ ILL WILL for the mix tape RAP OR DIE. With Tracks Featuring: Jay-Z, E-40, Curren$y, … read more

It was only a matter of time before Jereme Rogers and Plan B teamed up. That time is now. 原GIRL公司的著名滑手Jereme … read more

Ed 是我最喜欢的滑手之一,因为他有完全与众不同的风格。在网上看到这个怀旧的video真是感慨颇多。可能现在的很多新滑手都没有听说过new deal这个牌子,在当年可是响当当啊 🙂 这个video是1990年new deal的video “Useless Wooden Toys”里Ed Templeton的那一段。(阅读全文观看视频) Ed is one of my fav pro skaters. I find … read more

Habitat International welcomes our newest rider to the team. Bryce Golder. HABITAT开通了全新的全球官方网站,有新pro Bryce Golder的新video

Mike Vallely is currently on the Vans Warped Tour with his band Revolution Mother. be sure to check him out … read more

Geoff Rowley’s got some flicks from his recent trip up to Alaska on the Flip site. Flip网站上更新了一些Geoff Rowley去阿拉斯加旅行的照片