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Active is proud to announce that longtime friend Braydon Szafranski is now an official member of the their 2007 professional … read more

Independent is reporting that Duane Peter’s son Chelsea died Friday night in a car accident. Our thoughts are with Duane … read more

Now that Black Label has officially announced Jason Adams is back on the team, the only question that remains is … read more

Ronnie Creager is now on Bones wheels and Eric Fletcher has departed from Flip. where will he go next? Homey … read more

你如果不知道Shane Cross是谁,看这里。因为他的不幸去世,他的生前好友Jake Duncombe专门为他制作了纪念他的板面,所有的销售收入将用来资助Shane的家人。 Jake Duncombe has made a special board in memory of his best friend, Shane Cross. All proceeds … read more

After prematurely letting the cat out of the bag, today it is official. The Kid has left the Enjoi building. … read more

这个哥们面熟吧,虽然不是知名的大PRO但他的生日party上可不缺知名的大pro啊(他好像是skateboard mag的创始人,曾经和ES team在05年来过深圳)

This just in from trusted sources down South: Jason Adams is back on Black Label and off Duffs. He’ll be … read more

| 27 Jun 2007 ||

Someone has set up as a site dedicated to the memory of the young ripper with photos and forums … read more

Ali Boulala Update

| 26 Jun 2007 ||

Flip官方网站今天刚刚发布了关于Ali Boulala的最新康复状况,详情如下: Flip just posted an Ali Boulala update on their website and it looks like he’s doing a helluva … read more