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Dali, the hashish city of China 🙂

This skate plaza was officially opened on the 15th April, 2008 (news about two new skateparks in HK) 之前有报道过香港新建两个滑板场,本月15日其中之一的国瑞路滑板场正式开放了,这里有一段香港板仔在国瑞路板场的滑板视频。 (消息来源 … read more

A new clip of Transworld Skateboarding’s new video “The Now” from TWS, we find Shenzhen Spots again.(continue reading for watch … read more

The latest video offering from DVS is called Dudes, Dudes, Dudes and will be available in skate shops and online … read more

最新一期的Puzzle Video三/四月中有很多非常精彩的内容,包括很久没有消息的Bastin Salabanzi在欧洲一个Globe比赛上的惊人表现!(绝对惊人,回到欧洲的Salabanzi水平又有长进!)以及Blind欧洲team的深圳之行。Puzzle的video是免费现在,点击上图去他们的官方网站下载或用你的iTunes免费订阅他们的video podcast,这期绝对精彩! The new Puzzle Mar/Apr 2008 has some awesome footage. For me, the most important is Blind … read more

Fallen has given us, meaning you, a peek at what is one of the most anticipated videos of the year. … read more

Eric Koston给Active Shop拍的一个高尔夫广告

411VM’s Love Affair Out Now! Featuring art direction by Kris Markovich, a Crimson Montage, Steve Fauser, Australia’s Bryce Golder, 5Boro‘s … read more

Jackass 2.5

| 24 Feb 2008 ||

前天下班去买碟看,无意间竟看到有最新的Jackass 2.5,不过现在看Jackass感觉和几年前刚看的时候感觉有很大不同,现在觉得越来越无聊了。如果你想看又买不到DVD,可以去他们的官方网站去看(点击上图进入网站)