香港又一座板场向滑手开放!这座板场坐落于蒲岗村道,一度只向BMX车手开放,2012年香港滑板日也曾在这里举行,经过两年多的协商,终于,蒲岗村道滑板场从7月28日正式向广大滑手开放了!香港滑手们还能再幸福一点么!来看板场细节大图! Get ready to shred Po Kong Village road! Back in June 2012, we started a petition to the government … read more


由于天气原因,2014年香港滑板日活动将推迟到6月28日举行,集合时间及具体行程安排不变,上午11点集合,下午2点活动将在香港最新建成的Tseung Kwan O滑板场内举行,香港的滑手们准备走起!

Tseung Kwan O Skatepark1

香港的新板场Tseung Kwan O Skatepark正式对公众开放!新板场将碗池、标准的板场地形和新设计完美结合,还设置了休息区,这应该也是香港的第15个滑板场了! The newest skatepark in Hong Kong, Tseung Kwan O Skatepark, will be open from this Wednesday, … read more


The Vans Syndicate X 8FIVE2SHOP 5th Collaboration series Authentic “S” & Cab-Lite “S” was officially launched on 14th December 2013 … read more

I had a chance to meet up with Dahooder Billy, to check out one of the most important releases from … read more


Photo credit from HK XFED Official Alan Mak’s Instagram @alano22y Located somewhere in NT North West District (新界西北部) of Hong Kong, this … read more


Since our last visit in July 2012, the new skatepark located in Tseung Kwan O has been completed & will … read more

Fucking Awesome

| 11 Nov 2013 ||

Photo credit @atibaphoto instagram at NY Supreme store One of skateboardings’ most influential skaters of all time,  Jason Dill is … read more


香港所有的滑板场将统一改名为”极限运动场”,英文名为“Skatepark”,以前那些稀奇古怪而且不能凸显场地真正用意的名字,诸如滑板广场,滑板区,游乐场,BMX区等等将被统一废除,这次改名也意味着香港所有的滑板场将对所有BMXer,滑板和极限轮滑滑手免费开放 All the Skateparks in Hong Kong will be formally  re-named as “Skatepark” (in English) and “極限運動場”extreme sports park (in … read more


Alien Workshop has always been very unique in their board designs. They aren’t very dark or bright in styling. Its … read more