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GuestBook 留言本

Just leave a message here if you want to ask me something or give me some advice or tell me some skateboard news or just say hi… …


  1. Just a sample

  2. Can you help me to promote this company in your neck of the world.
    ONESKATEBOARDCO.COM any help would be awesome. Sorry about the uppercase letters. I didn’t mean to yell.

  3. I know your brand,because……
    tha’t a top secret 🙂

  4. sick site

  5. 2007-07-07 at 16:25 vvoody


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  7. Hi

    Best rates!

  8. Hey Kicker~!
    Your blog rocks! We are a rising major website on X-games in mainland China, based both in US and Shanghai, incl. skateboard, snowboard, surf, and BMX. An online platform strictly neutral to all lovers of the X-games. I’m the website moderator, here’s the website address. and my MSN:; Skype username: fuyingqing.
    I’m wondering if you’d be interested in becoming an contributor for the funboxx website team? So that you know we could help each other fly in the skateboard world.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    BTW, your blog rocks, and I hope funxboxx could help Kickclub rock even more!
    Contact me, plz.

  9. hi Kicker, travelling to Beijing in oct 08 and looking for sk8 buddies, any info?

  10. 2007-08-13 at 11:38 kicker


    welcome to Beijing. you can email me before you come here(maybe in the middle of Sep.) I will introduce some friend to you.


  11. Hola!
    I’m going to Beijing next christmas, and i’m wondering about the skate-shop-situation there? How many, where, expensive etc?
    Can you help me find a good shop?
    Oh yeah, are there any longboarders hangin’ in Beijing?


  12. 我知道你说的那个ndesign studio,我常去哪里,很好的设计,这个模板的原始两栏版也确实是他最先作的,但这个三栏的是我在 catch the digital flow里看到的,好像是个以色列人二次开发的吧,我忘了,我从他那里下的所以就没有ndesign的版权信息吧,我也不清楚。

  13. Good Day To All,

    Hey, Eric from Singapore, i been skating for the last 16 years, a year ago, my friend and i started out our ALTREX Skate shop and BEYOND7SIX ACTION SPORTS SUPPLY, we are very passion toward skateboarding, we hope to start a skateboarding network through Asia to promote, create awareness and regconition for skateboarding, i came across this website and found it great site and share the same passion toward Skateboarding, i hope we can link up and promote skateboarding together. UNITED SKATEBOARDING
    Please visit and our blog.

    Eric Tan

  14. 哈。你老人家是持之以恒地在做滑板新闻。佩服啊!

  15. 还是多谢这么多朋友这么久的支持啊。

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  17. I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

  18. Hi everybody!))I’m from Russia,and now in Beijing.But i can’t find sk8shops or skaters.Can somebody help me??

  19. there are many skateshops and skaters in Beijing.
    u can find some skaters in Wang Fu Jing church in weekend.
    you can find skate shops in JiaoDaoKou, XiDan or XinJieKou or DongSi……

  20. 嘿,看了很多文章,非常不错哦!比很多专业网站的咨讯还丰富,兴趣使然吗?模板也挺不错地,来浇浇水。呵。。。

  21. 哈,谢谢捧场啊。的确是兴趣使然,不仅是对玩滑板的兴趣,还有推广滑板的兴趣。

  22. Hi . . . was looking for a skateboard shop in Beijing and came across your site. Could you recommend a couple closest to Haidian (West side of city?)

  23. hi, BN

    I do not know r there some skateshop in Haidian, but there is a shop at Jiaodaokou, named TOUR skateshop and there is another one at Dongsi named FLY. One more big shop named ICONX will coming soon…
    you had better go to Wangfujing church find some local skater and ask them show u the way.

  24. 分类可以改颜色。呵呵。看看我的

  25. We need some ‘kickin’ shops in Qingdao!

  26. There are some skateshops in Qingdao for sure.

  27. who knows were are skateshops in Qingdao?

  28. hi, Alik

    There are two skateshops in Qingdao, Oldschool skateshop and Ollie Skateshop. I have email you their contact, go check ur inbox.

  29. anyone knows if there is shop for skate in dalian city?,

    I only see some youngers play skates in OLympic park, do not know where can find low price but good quality skate.

  30. 好久没有来KICKER看了,你现在还好么?
    你现在在APPLE工作?客厅那张PIC里边的音箱貌似是新款啊 好像卖5699
    不知道能不能找你拿内部价格^ ^

  31. 好久没来这里,感觉还是那么亲切

  32. Hey brother,
    Brian Smith from Quik suggested I check out your site. Love what you’re doing. We’re down to support. I just returned from a meeting with officials in Hangzhou. It was rad. We’re hoping to support skating in China by building real skateable parks and plaza’s.
    Lets stay in touch.
    Glenn Brumage
    Executive VP TumYeto
    VP International Asssociation of Skateboard Companies

  33. Great site! I will be in Shanghai on Monday 9/5 for 2 weeks. The last time I was there was 2004. I did a lot of skating then but there wasn’t a very big scene.

    Where should I go to hook up with some people to go skate?


  34. I will. Thanks.

  35. good.

  36. Dear all,

    I am from Skullcandy and looking for a Content Coordinator based in Shenzhen.

    JD as below, anyone is interested, please send your resume to me

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     Action sports experience a plus

  37. I just moved to Ningbo and I would like some tips about where to find a board and where to skate. If you live in Ningbo or know anything about it, please contact me at


  38. 2011-12-21 at 16:39 Bethany

    I’m currently assisting with an skate event and we would like to advertise on your site.
    What is a contact email?
    Bethany Palmer

  39. Loving the site, combining skate and feature content in an original way.
    I am looking for a contact email for your editorial or feature representative. Any information would be appreciated, thanks!

  40. 请问可以转载新闻吗?

  41. Hi….I am from bali indonesia…
    I live in guangzhou…
    Where can I find skate shop around guangzhou center…

  42. Thax..bro
    I try to find the shop…

  43. 2013-10-04 at 20:01 alex in beijing

    i love ur website dude u have done so much to the chinese skate scene its awesome

  44. 2014-06-27 at 17:47 李浩正



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