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KickerClub.com如今已成为诸多公司针对极限运动市场进行其品牌宣传的网络首选。 KickerClub.com帮助企业扩大品牌受众,并提供多元化的服务解决方案。

KickerCLub.com was found in 2001 and it is China’s prime online destination for all things action sport and in particular skateboarding. The efforts of the people behind KickerClub ensure that the site is up to date with the latest action sport news 24/7. Best of all, KickerClub.com strives to offer exclusive and innovative content, geneated by the makers of KickerClub themselves.

KickerClub.com now becomes a sough-after place for brands and corporations to reach out to their target customer base. KickerClub.com is able to meet these demands with a wider variety of services and solutions. Become a part of the KickerClub family and visit www.KickerClub.com

Interview by Methodcn.com

Interview by China Youthology – “Dream of A Chinese Skater”

第十期黄油青年会议之管牧 – “滑板是我的希望”

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