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Click the photo above to go check Foundation website. 点击上图前往Foundation新网站。

FKD Bearings has redesigned their website and some new content so click on over and check it out. FKD重新设计并制作了他们的网站,最近怎么大家都忙着改版啊,看来我也该考虑一下了。(点击上图前往网站)

SLAVE just released a new trailer, watch the podcast from Blackbox and check out the new SLAVE site.WATCH THE TRAILER … read more

Tum Yeto’s own Pig Wheels has gone and completely redone their entire web site, full of news, products, photos and … read more

现在最流行的是什么?当然是社交网站和视频网站啦!其实Volcom是出手比较晚的,人家DC多少年前就开始作了,Alien Work Shop也早有了,Habita也有,其他有视频Podcast的不算啊,我说的是独立网址的纯视频网站。不过Volcom的视频网站内容更丰富些,滑板,滑雪,艺术,音乐,girl等,加上Volcom所特有的风格,还是值得放到收藏夹里的一个网站。 Volcom is proud to annouce (Skate, Snow, Surf, Girl, Music, Art, Veeco and more)

Santacruz更新网站了。 Santa Cruz just redesigned their site and added all kinds of new products to feast your eyes on. Like new … read more

Circa重新设计了他们的网站,也有大量新内容,点击上图去转转吧。 Clicke the photo above to look around.

Slap杂志刚刚发布了全新的网站,内容非常之丰富,博客、图片、新闻、论坛、视频一样也没有少,甚至更多。 Slap magazine has gone and done it. Today they’ve departed into the world-wide digital realm 100% and have left … read more

今年是Independent创立30周年,为此Independent组织了史上最大规模的巡回活动,现在Independent开通了30周年纪念专版, 每天更新巡回的视频,最新一期的Thrasher杂志也会附送完整的DVD光盘。(点击上图前往Independent网站观看视频) Independent Trucks is celebrated their 30th anniversary this year with one of the biggest tours ever this past summer … read more

Silver Truck just launched their new website, pretty good. click the photo above to go check it out. Silver桥更新了他们的网站,点击上图前往Silver桥的新官方网站。