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2007 CX extreme sports contest result: 1 白明川 2 刘文博 3 李源升 4 孙晓龙 5 张南 6 黄晓明

Quiksilver’s Bowlriders contest went down in Malmö, Sweden over the weekend. Rune Glifberg come out on top and Dennis Busenitz … read more

湖南长沙的板友们最近得到了一份特殊的礼物–一个miniramp. skaters in Changsha city just got a special gift from HUNANTV station. 6月8日的一篇文章显示,滑板有希望成为2012年伦敦奥运会的正式比赛项目(文章翻译如下) 国际奥委会周五就将滑板项目列入2012年伦敦奥运会正式比赛项目一事与国际自行车协会进行了商讨。 The International Olympic Committee said Friday it has held discussions with cycling’s world governing body about introducing … read more

Fallen team(Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Josh Harmony…) came to China at April 2007. Before they leave, Fallen team came to … read more

红毯入场,气派十足 Red carpet-type stuff.

由Jason Lee和Chris Pastras主持的Transworld滑板年度颁奖礼及最新滑板video“let’s do this”首映式刚刚结束,结果如下: In addition to the premiere of their new video, Jason Lee and Chris Pastras hosted … read more

Cliché in the USA

| 07 Jun 2007 ||

It seems strange to me that the Cliché team would leave the perfect no bust spots of Europe to come … read more

Big ups to Ron Allen for landing a Pro spot on the Creation Skateboards squad! Creation滑板公司的新pro–Ron Allen

昨天(6月6日)是Andrew Reynolds的生日,现在他已经29岁了,祝他生日快乐。 All of us here at Emerica would like to wish team rider Andrew Reynolds a very Happy Birthday! … read more