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SAFARI2008奥运纪念款-Weave Dream

| 07 Aug 2008 ||

Safari推出奥运纪念款Weave Dream,本次设计采用了比较简洁的奥运环配色。



Stereo has been very busy lately… They just finished their Summer 2008 catalog, which you can view HERE Stereo 刚发布了他们2008年夏季的新产品目录,包括了板面、轮子、服饰等。(点击上图前往官方网站查看)

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2008新款的Safari竹片滑板仍然沿用Safari专利竹片加工技术,7层板的底层为竹片,其他6层仍然是加枫。竹片的加入进一步提升了板片的弹性和韧性。新款的设计采用透明图案,完美的呈现了竹子的纹理,体现了与众不同的特点。08新款Safari滑板更多照片及介绍请点击上图前往SwitchCrew.com查看。 Safari Skateboards 2008 Bamboo Series on sale now! The bottom ply of the deck was made by bamboo, the … read more

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Safari08春季系列面世!阅读全文产看更多介绍 Safari Skateboards 2008 spring products released! continue reading for more detail.