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Deluxe has a new holiday catalog online with all kinds of clickable goodies for you. 圣诞节快到了,各大公司一定会推出节日特别产品,这次Deluxe走在了前面,来看看他们的新产品目录吧。

Geoff Rowley has his own signature Independent Truck hitting the streets soon. Check out the promo video with continue reading… … read more

本土滑板沸点公司将与嚎叫唱片合作,推出纪念版滑板产品(阅读全文查看详情) China local skateboard brand Challenge Skateboards is corp orating with local rock music record company Scream Records to provide … read more

Hidden Lace Loops by éS Footwear are little woven straps that help your shoe laces last longer by “hiding” them … read more

for English story,please click the pic above.continue reading for watch video. 我打赌在你刚开始学滑板的时候一定想过这个主意:在滑板和鞋子上安装磁铁。现在有人把这个想法付诸实现了,但越看越奇怪… …阅读全文观看视频

It’s that time of year again! Check out all of the new Emerica Holiday 2007 Shoes and Gear, featuring lots … read more

乍看之下,还以为又是那个购物台新推出的健身器材。这是一个改良过的科技滑板,只有一个轴和一个轮子。行进时会有电脑计算出你的重量平衡在那个方位,如果 你把重心往前,那么就是加速;如果你把重心向后,那么它就会减速。一端有照明灯可在夜间「行驶」,另一端附有把手,让你携带方便。

Puma is the latest big athletic brand to enter the skate market with this preview of a Puma Skate Clyde … read more

昨天在特步比赛现场,看到了GIFT最新款板面,这次图案比较丰富,大家慢慢看… 上面这款显然是前段NIKE为FLY Jeff推出的牛奶滑板鞋的延续,还有更多…

老牌滑板birdhouse的最新系列,上图为birdhouse的新技术板面6系列,下图为pro系列。 (这可是早于birdhouse官方网站的绝对内部消息奥)