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Fallen真是做足文化功夫,跟著名金属吉他品牌Jackson合作推出Chris Cole的定制电吉他,去Thrasher网站就有机会获得…

Thrasher Magazine was hacked this weekend by a group or individual called Indonesian Hacker, who first apologized and then really … read more

Grabbed from the Thrasher website: “Congratulations, Marc Johnson� You’re Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of theYear 2007!” No doubt he’s earned it. … read more

Be a part of history and cast your vote for Thrasher Skater of the Year 2007. Email your votes to … read more


| 10 Sep 2007 ||

Here’s the results from this years King of the Road: 2007 THRASHER KING OF THE ROAD已经结束,今年的名次是: 1. Blind 2. Foundation … read more

It’s official, King of the Road has begun. Here’s a PDF of the challenges that each team is now seeing … read more

2007年8月号的Thrasher封面是上海的SMP滑板场(点击小图查看大图) The cover of 2007 Augest issue of Thrasher Magazine is Shanghai SMP skatepark.

Ronnie Creager, Jake Duncombe, James Craig, Danilo Cerezini, and Morgan Smith will be representing Blind on King of the Road … read more

Today’s Burnout takes a look at the empty schoolyards that summer brings us. 暑假到了,学校空了,Burnout带我们去看看空荡荡的美国校园吧… 看看,美国校园放假了连楼梯都要锁起来生怕有人来滑板,汗,但是即使这样也无法阻挡我们的Corey Duffle :)… Chain ain’t stopping … read more

KOTR 2007 TEAMS ANNOUNCED We are proud to announce that Blind, Black Label, Foundation, and Zoo York will be the … read more