• 飞说不可02 – 2012 DragonSk8 西安事变飞说不可02 – 2012 DragonSk8 西安事变 Jul 21, 2014
  • 南京青奥会滑板场曝光南京青奥会滑板场曝光 Jul 17, 2014
  • Skullcandy板烧社 – 第六课Skullcandy板烧社 – 第六课 Jul 16, 2014
  • 飞说不可15 – TopToys何去何从飞说不可15 – TopToys何去何从 Jul 14, 2014


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Converse在柏林举办Cons Project来向大家发布Weapon Skate鞋款,而柏林的Cons Project设计新颖极具创意,让所有来到这里的滑手都忍不住上去耍两下,a brief glance杂志就为柏林Cons Project发布特刊,一起体会创意的完美展现
During the summer edition of the 2014 Bright Show, Converse organized the Cons Project Berlin, an event to present their new Weapon skate shoe. Inside an empty ex-supermarket they put a series of skateable metal obstacles whose position was changed several times during the skate session and the competition. Jake Johnson, Louie Lopez, Pontus Alv, Jerome Campbell, Brian Delatorre and other Cons Ambassadors, plus some Cons euro riders were there to skate and enjoy the day. Enjoy the a brief glance skateboardmag’s special issue!
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Sheckler和红牛队伍一起来到了西雅图,Torey Pudwill在这里打造了一个用来滑板的艺术道具,高大的圆弧让Sheckler欣喜不已,在那之后,Sheckler,Gustavo,Decenzo等等还给大家呈现精彩表演,Sheckler Sessions第三季第6集一起欣赏
Sheckler joins his fellow Red Bull Skate Team in Seattle to support Pudwill’s Skate Space project.
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Flip 3

| 22 Jul 2014 ||

一年多前Flip收纳几名小将,为他们今天的成长播种浇水,今天Louie Lopez和Curren Caples已经逐渐成熟,再加上刚晋升Flip职业滑手的Alec Majerus,3人一起拍摄了这部名为3的滑板片,而导演摄影师正是Arto Saari,看看这阵容,如此大片还有理由不看吗!
Years ago, Flip Skateboards added some really young rippers to their team with Louie Lopez and Curren Caples to plant the seeds for tomorrow’s Flip team. Well, tomorrow is now, and the boys are all grown up. Along with Alec Majerus, who just recently joined Louie and Curren in the pro ranks, the trio filmed together for Flip’s latest video offering simply titled 3. Directed and filmed by Arto Saari with the help of Josh Zucker and others over only a few months, this video is just a glimpse into how these three newest pros on the Flip roster can carry the torch for the second generation of Flip.
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  • OFF THE WALL CHINA – 张良 采访
  • 2014年第五届深圳‘禁毒杯’极限运动挑战赛回顾
  • James Capps’ “Seek Know1edge” Part
  • Welcome to AM Team : ADEE LU
  • 2014 HONG KONG Go Skateboarding Day Video Recap
  • 屌丝神曲 – 我的滑板鞋
  • Bobby老师带你看看小鱼板是怎么玩的
  • Côte&Ciel Skates Hong Kong with its Coral Isar Rucksack
  • 2014 VANS 抢回街道 GSD 世界滑板日 北京站 现场再现!
  • 5 Years Old Skateboarder: Qi Qi
  • Converse Golden Triangle video
  • 井捌捌Team滑板旅行片《云之彼端》
  • Vans China Team 职业滑板鞋
  • 昆明#88 玉溪一日游
  • Converse Cons Project Shanghai

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KICKERCLUB滑板网_20140721_154222 (1)
我看到这个板场的时候,脑海里浮现出一个北京滑手的名字 – 鱿鱼… 对不起,我不是故意的…
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今天继续我们的 #寻找中国滑板插画艺术家#


好奇少年,南昌生人,暂居上海,工作于LeoBurnett shanghai. visual designer一枚
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