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VXchannel #2

| 27 Nov 2014 ||

sherhui vx2

社会滑板感恩节发布最新VX1000拍摄视频《VX channel 2》通过摄影师@wangxin010 的镜头记录了@李文金Vince @许莹010 @小明Eddie_Z 日常滑板片段,与此同时,社会滑板还会与你相约29号在@WOODWARD北京 的@CONVERSE滑板 #Cons Project#

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antihero destination unknown
Antihero全新Team视频Destination Unknown发布!全片长度近半个小时,Jeff Grosso,Grant Taylor,TNT,Andy Roy,Raney Beres等等Antihero狠角色全体出动!开着两辆车出去露营滑板,Antihero够躁够狠!
Isn’t life strange, and rad, and fucked up… Thank fucking skateboarding for the grounding and perspective in this shit stew of consumer capitalism and naked hypocrisy. Keep it raw. Keep it lurkie.
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pool time
每年Leatherman代言人 Arto Saari都会把自己家后院的游泳池的水放掉,然后邀请自己的朋友一起来滑碗池,Wes Kremer,Steve Olson和男神Dylan Rieder等大牌Pro都来到了这里,他们的摄影师也是参加REDirect比赛的Jon Holland,看这阵容就难以抗拒呀
Each year Leatherman ambassador, Arto Saari, drains his backyard pool and welcomes his friends to come session. Pool Town is the result. Created by Arto Saari & Jon Holland.
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converse city dogs
Converse西班牙队伍发布最新城市滑板片段City Dogs预告片,Cons的队员们在伊比利亚半岛这个欧洲第二大半岛的街头走起,表现自己对于街头道具不一样的理解思维,正片将于12月1日上线。

Check out the trailer that advances us what the team has prepared Converse Cons Iberia. In “City Dogs” you will see the team skating in the cities in which they reside and production members come to your monitor through Dogwaymedia.com on Monday 1 December.
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  • VXchannel #2
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  • Fatback: Enjoi in Taiwan
  • #Rewind : Adee Lu(盧弘成)
  • Black Knight Skateboards -刘佳明(SBER)-“The First Noise”
  • #VANSWYWH#滑板队亚洲巡回上海站

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seven shanghai
继续我们的巡映之旅,这个周末将在29日星期六去到国际大都市上海,和30日星期天到中国西部重镇乌鲁木齐,请关注mellowparks.cn 的微博及我们的官网密切关注具体信息,下面你也可以看到刚刚过去的周末两站首映的照片!
Continuing on with our country-wide premiere tour, this weekend will see the party-bus hit Shanghai on the 29th and Wulumuqi on the 30th. Stay tuned into the mellowparks.cn weibo and events page for all the finer details, and check some pics from the last few premiers below to get an idea of what you’ll be missing out on!
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最近 ATD 森哥又在 SMP 敲敲打打修道具,没几天,一个崭新的 miniramp 眼看就完工了,这个道具之后放在哪里,何时可以滑还都不知道,但估计应该是在上海就是了。上海的滑手们太幸福了,miniramp一个接着一个呀。感谢SMP蒋晓斌提供本期爆尿。
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LAST: 26 Nov 2014 | TOTAL 120

11月25日,Active位于Oxnard和Redlands的两家分店分别举行了开业典礼,当地的滑板店再添重量级,Vans元老Steve Van Doren和DC滑板队伍都来到现场,在Redlands店铺开业时有超过1000名滑手前来围观,而Oxnard店铺开业有接近2300人!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – November 25, 2014 – Active Ride Shop’s store opening in Oxnard last weekend and Redlands the weekend before were celebrations attended by thousands from the local communities. Eager kids were lined up at the shop’s doors long before the start time, and there was a steady line for the autograph signings by the DC Shoes skate team. After 1,000 skateboarders, locals, fans and industry executives attended the grand opening event in Redlands the word spread, and more than 2,300 people were there for the Active Oxnard launch event.
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