重大新闻!VANS正式宣布冠名赞助今年的Baby Dragon滑板巡回赛! 我在美国的一个网站读到了这个新闻,国内还没有正式宣布,但是相信很快就要有消息啦!看来”比鼻龙”发展势头大好, 今年一定要关注!
Hangzhou, China April 18th 2011, Wabsono International is proud to welcome Vans as the Title sponsor of the 2011 Dragon Sk8 Series skateboarding contests in China!

2011年4月18日 中国杭州 — Wabsono新石巨正式宣布Vans为2011年Dragon Sk8滑板巡回赛冠名赞助商!

始于2009年在杭州举办的“钱塘江滑板对决秀”,短短两年内Dragon Sk8滑板巡回赛的知名度、认同度和专业性不断提高,成为中国滑手认可的卓越滑板赛事。2011年,全新冠名的“Vans Dragon Sk8滑板巡回赛”将在中国六大城市举办:北京、深圳、成都、西安、上海和杭州。

国际滑板商协会主席Glenn Brumage评价道:“ Dragon Sk8从滑手的实际需求出发,是一项为中国滑手量身打造的赛事,随着越来越多的人参与其中,必能推动滑板运动在中国的蓬勃发展。”

“Dragon Sk8被众多滑手视为国内最地道的滑板赛事,随着滑板运动以及lifestyle在中国的不断发展,我们有责任寻找合适的合作伙伴。目前有不少品牌有意赞助此项赛事,但在冠名商的选择上,我们极为谨慎,品牌的正宗和历史尤为重要。能与Vans这样的顶级品牌合作,我们非常高兴。”

Vans品牌经理Mathew Morgan先生言及这次合作,“很兴奋能与新石巨合作举办Dragon Sk8 ,我们力求为中国滑板运动的发展提供一个真正的平台,让我们期待Dragon Sk8成为中国最重要的滑板年度盛事。”

5月21-22日– 深圳
6月18-19日– 上海(世界滑板日)
7月9-10日 – 成都
7月30-31日– 西安
8月13-14日– 北京
9月17-18日– 杭州(总决赛“钱塘江滑板对决秀”)

In a short 2 years, starting with the “Battle at the Silver Dragon” in 2009, the Dragon Sk8 Series has grown in notoriety, popularity and legitimacy to become the preeminent series for Chinese skaters. The newly branded “Vans Dragon Sk8 series” in 2011 will tour 6 major cities in China; Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

“Not just another “exhibition” masquerading as a contest, the Dragon Sk8 Series is designed to further the development of skating in China by tailoring the comp to the needs and desires of the skaters. With the participation of the local skaters here in China, we continue to grow the experience for everyone involved.” commented Glenn Brumage, Director at Wabsono and IASC board member.

“Considered by the majority of skaters as China’s most legitimate skateboarding event, it is important for us to act responsibly in finding the right partners as the sport and lifestyle grows in our country. There is no lack of athletic brands throwing money around and looking to buy their way into skating here, so we took great care in choosing a Title sponsor. For us, it is about legitimacy and reputation. With Vans’ heritage as the original skateboard shoe brand we are very excited to have them working with us.” said Bao Xuping, CEO Wabsono.

Vans Action Sports Category Manager Mathew Morgan said “Vans is excited about its partnership with Wabsono on the Dragon Sk8 Series and looks forward to providing an authentic platform for the development of skateboarding in China. We see the potential in this series to become one of China’s most important and anticipated skateboarding events every year.”

Approximate 2011 schedule
21-22 May– Shenzhen 18-19 June– Shanghai (Go Skateboarding Day) 09-10 July– Chengdu 30-31 July– Xi’an 13-14 Aug– Beijing 17-18 Sep– Hangzhou (“Battle at the Silver Dragon” Finals)

More on Wabsono International “China’s Action Sports Solution”

Based in Hangzhou PRC, Wabsono Internationals Action Sports unit has become a leader in the development of Action Sports participation and lifestyle in China. Wabsono currently specializes in Marketing, Promotion, Manufacturing and Distribution of the lifestyle and related products of Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding. Having a strong position in the industry, Wabsono is capable of spending the necessary time and effort to build brands while building the lifestyle in China. Wabsono is committed to increasing the popularity of the Skate and Surf lifestyle in China.

About Vans
Vans, the original skate shoe maker, creates a full range of footwear and apparel for skaters. Vans supports grassroots skateboarding at both the local and national level and through our pro team that includes skaters such as Geoff Rowley, Tony Trujillo, Dustin Dollin, Anthony Van Engelen, Bucky Lasek and Omar Hassan as well as legends Tony Alva, Steve Caballero, Jeff Grosso and Christian Hosoi. Vans stages two of the world’s most progressive skate contests in the Pro-tec Pool Party and the Vans Downtown Showdown.


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