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Safari Clothing《10 Year Safari》整片上线,滑手们在钢筋混凝土的都市里寻找着最原始的快乐,带来长达40分钟的视觉冲击。片子取景于巴拉圭,秘鲁和印度尼西亚,后期采用不少老胶片的处理特效,在体现10年之久的同时,将欧洲滑手脚下的流畅和技巧性展现得淋漓尽
They’ve been exploring the urban jungle for a decade now — Safari was started Guy Kämpfen, his brother Luc and their friends in 2002 and keeps on going strong ten years later. In order to properly celebrate the anniversary, a new video called “10 Years Safari” was premiered last weekend and is released mid-October, alongside a coffee table book. While the book takes a look back, raiding the vaults of long-time-friends-of-the-family like Alan Maag or Soerfi Schweingruber, the video packs brand-new footage of — yes indeed — Guy und Luc, Sven Kilchenmann and Stefan Birchner to name a few, as well as parts by the new generation of Swiss rippers. To film this new gem, these guys lived up to their name and went on filming trips to exotic destinations like Paraguay, Peru and Indonesia.


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