John Cardiel 为 Chrome Bags 拍摄的新片 - KickerClub

John Cardiel 是滑板界老一辈的传奇,2003年的一次受伤让他差点瘫痪。从那时起他便开始骑车作为康复的一种方法。Chrome就找到了John Cardiel拍摄了这段包的宣传片,从John每天骑车滑板的生活中找到启发。
John Cardiel is one of the most celebrated skaters of all time. In 2003, he suffered an injury to his spine that left him briefly paralyzed. Since then, he got into riding bikes as a part of his rehabilitation and was eventually able to skate again. Chrome just released a new Streets of Chrome video featuring Cardiel that shows what his day-to-day life is like nowadays—which consists of skating, riding bikes, and playing reggae music. Anything from Cardiel is inspirational.


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