Official Tissue 发布了上海滑板长片 “CDs” !这是一部2016年上海滑板合集,滑手包括了Johnny Tang,徐兆,小虎,王玓,Edan 等等等等,是时候来放点音乐看点滑板片了!
Want to come over and listen to some tapes & CDs? A 2016 remix+
Johnny Tang, Richard Specht, Alex Greenberg, Xu Zhao, Xiao Hu, Brian Kleiber, Per Asplund, Edward Chang, Wang Di, Edan Qian, Oscar Swales, Michael Fagan, Mikey Chyea, Juhani Salo, Chris Cowell, Jack Moore, Ayong, Mongol Bill, Justen Snyder, Gustav Nyman, JMART, Jeff Hulslander, Keith Silvers, Sheng Law


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