LRG 今年四月份来到国内拍摄 1947 最后一部分,但是在国内他们发现了许多好玩的地方!这部长达十几分钟的片子记录的就是 LRG 中国之旅!轰炸上海!Tommy Sandoval,Miles Silvas等等,全片熟悉地形看看他们都做了什么!
Last April I was lucky enough to hop on an LRG trip to Shanghai for one of the final filming missions for “1947.” It was by far one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever been on. All those guys have so much fun together and I’ve never seen such an insane amount of skating go down in twelve days. And not to mention Trent’s triple-kink back tail on the last day of the trip! Thanks to Kyle Camarillo and Tyrone Romero for making it happen and trusting me to film. And Tom Asta, Tommy Sandoval, Miles Silvas, Carlos Ribeiro, Felipe Gustavo, Jack Curtin, and Trent McClung for killing it so hard! —Alan Hannon


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