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国际轮滑联合会(FIRS)和国际滑板联合会(ISF)将在明年9月FIRS大会批准之后以World Skate(世界滑板)名义联合起来。World Skate将会给所有轮滑、滑板项目提供一个更加现代化的管理平台。同时通过Gary Ream主持的委员会,实现对滑板项目开发和管理提供自主权利。
FIRS evolves into World Skate to support growth on the Road to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Beyond. The Fédération Internationale Roller Sports (FIRS) and the International Skateboarding Federation (ISF) announce intent to join forces. The ISF will flow into FIRS under the World Skate name.English version followed.

国际轮滑联合会重组为World Skate,为2020年东京奥运会提供支持。

国际轮滑联合(FIRS)和国际滑板联合会(ISF)正式宣布合作意向。ISF将同FIRS合并重组并以World Skate名义运营。

瑞士洛桑,美国Woodward宾夕法尼亚 – 国际轮滑联合会(FIRS)和国际滑板联合会(ISF)将在明年9月FIRS大会批准之后以World Skate(世界滑板)名义联合起来。World Skate将会给所有轮滑、滑板项目提供一个更加现代化的管理平台。同时通过Gary Ream主持的委员会,实现对滑板项目开发和管理提供自主权利。

国际轮滑联合会主席 Sabatino Aracu 说:“几十年来,我们的联合会一直由很多分支组成,我们确保每个项目都拥有其自主权,保持其真实性和完整性。我们深知东京奥运会滑板项目需要一个明确的代表组织,将一个囊括顶尖滑手,滑板活动组织,滑板团体,非政府机构和产业顾问滑板组织的,能够代表最完整的滑板文化的组织融入我们,是一项非常必要的举动。只有通过这种方法,滑板的独一无二地位才可以被传承下来。”

国际滑板联合会主席Gary Ream表示:“我们必须更加努力以确保滑板在进入奥运之后,仍然能够尊重前辈们70多年来积攒下的滑板文化。此次ISF和FIRS的融合使我们不仅可以确保在奥运会上呈现完美的表现,也是为了让我们保护滑板文化,抓住奥运机遇,最大限度地向全球推广滑板文化的发展。”

国际奥委会体育总监 Kit McConnell表示:“滑板项目加入2020年东京奥运会给这项运动提供了极佳的展示平台,同时促进了这项运动长期在全球范围内的发展。World Skate,FIRS,ISF这次重组充分体现了大家共同发展的意愿。这不仅可以让全球各地的滑板组织感到欣慰,同时可以通过东京奥运会以及未来活动让滑板这个项目和滑手们受益。”

Lausanne, Switzerland and Woodward, Pennsylvania, USA — The Fédération Internationale Roller Sports (FIRS) and the International Skateboarding Federation (ISF) look to join forces under the World Skate name following approval by the FIRS Congress next September. World Skate will provide a more modern platform for the management of all skate disciplines, while allowing autonomy for the governance, development and management of Skateboarding through a commission chaired by Gary Ream.

Sabatino Aracu, President, Fédération Internationale Roller Sports: “For decades our federation has been a multisport organization, always ensuring the autonomy of its disciplines and preserving at the same time their essence and integrity. We knew that to ensure the proper representation of Skateboarding in Tokyo, it was necessary to involve the associations that represent the whole of Skateboarding culture including top athletes, event organisers, community organisations, NGOs, and industry advisors. Only in this way the unique identity of the skateboarding community can be preserved and celebrated.”

Gary Ream, President, International Skateboarding Federation: “We have worked hard to make sure that the inclusion of Skateboarding in the Olympics respects and celebrates the culture skateboarders have built over the past 70 years. Upon the successful integration of the ISF into FIRS as World Skate we will be in best position to not only put on an incredible show in Tokyo, but also to protect the history of and seize the Olympic opportunity to properly maximize the development of Skateboarding around the globe.”

IOC Sport Director, Kit McConnell expressed that “The inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 provides a unique opportunity to showcase the sport and also drive its longer term development around the world. Through the rebranded World Skate, FIRS and the ISF are actively demonstrating a shared vision which not only celebrates the existing skateboarding communities around the world, but will benefit skateboarding and skateboarders through to the Olympic Games Tokyo and beyond.”


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