今天给大家介绍的 #滑板插画艺术家# 名叫 Russ Pope,他所擅长的就是用简单的几笔粗线条,描述出自己觉得有意思的事物,尤其是在人脸的刻画上非常有风格,他的作品灵感来源于生活,滑板、音乐是最大的源泉,他的作品还被印在了各种产品上,我们一起来欣赏一下。
Russ Pope’s art draws from the social and political environment surrounding him in his daily life. Pope’s inspirations have been skateboarding, music and the creative, interesting people he encounters daily. His bold strokes, finite doodles and striking paintings are characterized by faces, still lifes and humorous events. From the early days in Central California skateboarding, drawing and attending punk shows, to his current life in New England, Russ has processed life and his interactions with his world through the prism of a pen and a paintbrush.

他曾获得 Orange County 年度艺术家的称号,作品和访谈也登上过 TWS:“Video Interview with Russ Pope,” Transworld Skateboarding. April 2015.



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