决定全球最强碗池滑手的比赛就在昨天美国展开!大家一起为了今年九月在上海举办的VPS决赛而争夺!昨天的 Vans Park Series 女子组决赛中,Brighton Zeuner 强势凭借出色表现获得第一!我们通过海量帅图一起回顾!
After days of heated practice, the Van’s Park Series Women’s Finals kicked off Thursday with 16 women battling it out for the seven remaining spots to the finals in Shanghai. —Joe Hammeke Here’s the top three ladies: Nora Vasconcellos 3rd, Bryce Wettstein 2nd and Brighton Zeuner takes home the win and a check for 10,000 big ones


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