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Volcom 拉丁美洲的队伍给我们带来了最新的哥斯达黎加旅途视频!Volcom 来自墨西哥、哥伦比亚、乌拉圭、智利的滑手,和当地滑手 Kervin Miranda 一起,在这个丛林国家寻找碗池并且献上精彩大片。
For the third time this year, Volcom’s Latin American skate team rallied together for an epic five-day tour and vacation in Central America. This year we hit Costa Rica and enlisted: Michael Scott from Mexico, Jhancarlos Gonzalez from Colombia, Federico Rossotti from Uruguay, Braulio Sagas from Chile, and Kervin Miranda, who is our local Costa Rican rider.


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