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CARHARTTWIP 与知名英国滑板杂志  GREY 及独立线上滑板平台 A BRIEF GLANCE,联手打造一次有趣而不平凡的概念之旅「Sotto Torchio」,味蕾和肾上腺素的挑战一触即发!

CARHARTTWIP is pleased to present its latest skate project, SOTTO TORCHIO, created inpartnership with UK skateboarding magazine GREY, and itsEuropean online peer A BRIEF GLANCE. Taking inspiration from the editor ofA Brief Glance’s passion for wine, a typical skate tour was combined with awine-tasting tour around four regions in Northern Italy. With each region, camenew terrain to skate and a different winery to check out.

CARHARTTWIP 与知名英国滑板杂志  GREY 及独立线上滑板平台 A BRIEF GLANCE,联手打造一次有趣而不平凡的概念之旅「Sotto Torchio」,味蕾和肾上腺素的挑战一触即发!

A Brief Glance 编辑们钟情品尝葡萄酒,Carhartt WIP 从他们的热情中得到启发,尝试将滑板与品酒体验相结合,前后花了8天,走访意大利北部4家著名葡萄盛产庄园。企划名称「SOTTO TORCHIO」为意大利语,所指为古老酿酒方法中以手工压榨葡萄汁的过程,亦是许多酿酒人最享受的部分。团队以滑板探寻葡萄庄园及附近社区,当中少不了检视酒厂、葡萄种植、酿酒过程、品尝美酒等体验,创造不一杨的滑板游记。

The result is a 76-page magazinedocumenting the trip, with photography by Davide Biondani and Henry Kingsford.This publication will be available in Carhartt WIP stores, as well as stockistsof Grey and A Brief Glance in Italy and the UK.

这次企划将发行一本共76页的旅程纪录特辑,由摄影师 Davide Biondani 和 Henry Kingsford 共同掌镜拍摄;特集将于 Carhartt WIP 专门店、指定 Grey 、A Brief Glance 欧洲贩售点中展示,可供取阅。

There is also an accompanying three and ahalf minute film, shot by Alberto Chimenti and edited by Romain Batard, whichfeatures Carhartt WIP skaters JOE GAVIN, MAURO CARUSO, JONAS SKRODER, andMICHAL JURAS.

企划随后即將发布约3分30秒的旅程记录短片,由导演 Alberto Chimenti 拍摄、Romain Batard 负责剪辑,多位 Carhartt WIP 滑手:JOE GAVIN、 MAURO CARUSO、 JONAS SKRODER及MICHAL JURAS 也会出现在纪录片中。

Starring: Joe Gavin, Joseph Biais, Jonas Skroder, Mauro Caruso, Michal Juras andskater-somelier Marcus Marcoux.
Filming: Alberto Chimenti Dezani.
Editing: Romain Batard.
Music: What The Tusan: “Ocean” & “Running inthe rain”.

The SOTTO TORCHIO Magazine London launch was a blast. If you missed thelaunch in London on May, 23rd, check out the galleries with photos by DavideBiondani and Alessandro Bergonzoni.


SOTTO TORCHIO 企划早前已于伦敦店进行展览及短片放映


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