伴随着 adidas 3ST.003 的发布,adidas Skateboarding 趁热打铁同步释出了宣传视频“Innovation Without Limitation ”(创新不止),作为 adidas 3ST 系列鞋款的最新成员,3ST.003 的耐磨材质鞋身,全新的设计线条以及前卫的设计美学都是滑手和设计师们灵感碰撞下的结晶。

adidas Skateboarding 队伍成员 Miles Silvas 回到了自己的家乡萨克拉门托,和 3ST.003 的设计师 Scott Johnson 一起完成了这部短片。短片就像3ST.003 的设计过程,将想象照进了现实。

To coincide with the launch date of the 3ST.003adidas Skateboarding releases “Innovation Without Limitation”, a short edit celebrating the latest offering from the 3ST footwear family. Created through a co-creation workshop process between skateboarders and designers, the 3ST.003 features durable materials, new design lines, and forward-thinking aesthetics

The video is a compilation of reality and graphics, following adidas Skateboarding team rider Miles Silvas on a day through his hometown of Sacramento, CA. Joining him in the clip is legendary skateboarder and Senior Footwear Designer Scott Johnson, who manifested the vision of the 3ST.003 into reality.




  1. 2018-09-15 at 17:57 小黑

    你好 我这边有几个小孩子想在SMP里面学习滑板 请问你们有教学吗?


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