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KickerClub.com如今已成为诸多公司针对极限运动市场进行其品牌宣传的网络首选。 KickerClub.com帮助企业扩大品牌受众,并提供多元化的服务解决方案。

KickerCLub.com was found in 2001 and it is China’s prime online destination for all things action sport and in particular skateboarding. The efforts of the people behind KickerClub ensure that the site is up to date with the latest action sport news 24/7. Best of all, KickerClub.com strives to offer exclusive and innovative content, geneated by the makers of KickerClub themselves.

KickerClub.com now becomes a sough-after place for brands and corporations to reach out to their target customer base. KickerClub.com is able to meet these demands with a wider variety of services and solutions. Become a part of the KickerClub family and visit www.KickerClub.com

Interview by Methodcn.com

Interview by China Youthology – “Dream of A Chinese Skater”

第十期黄油青年会议之管牧 – “滑板是我的希望”

Andrew Guan


  1. 2008-02-24 at 14:58 wilson zhang

    hey, i just got to beijing to study for a semester, and i’m looking for a griptape and skate tool.

    Do you know a store in beijing that sells it that i can just walk in and purchase the 2 items?


  2. there r many skateshops in Beijing, Wilson
    there is a shop named Tour Skateshop in Jiaodaokou, if you can find some skater in Wangfujing church, they will tell you how to go there.

    hope you enjoy your skate life in Beijing.

  3. Hey,
    What time do people normally skate Wangfujing church? And are there people there every day if it s nice weather?
    Cheers, Em.

  4. usually in weekend(friday,Saturday) afternoon, I think, good luck

  5. 2008-03-17 at 22:36 bobtown

    Its still the best website in china the others are just adverts

  6. 2008-05-04 at 13:13 霞客

    我们常去 东冲冲浪:


  7. hi
    vans skateboarding shoes will have their first product launch in China Market, i’m hoping if you can give some sort of details….such as skateboarding shoes retailers, dealers or someone related to skakateboarding industry.

    also, you might be interested to join, so i could hook you up an invitation….

  8. hi, Danilo

    do u from Taiwan? r u working for Vans?
    please give me ur email.


  9. Hey dude, You get up to BJ on Monday, yeah? Give a ring when you get in!

  10. hi there,

    I’m looking to buy a Longboard to my boyfriend, I have no idea where i can get it in Beijing…. help?

    +86 15810464692

  11. hi, maya

    I have sent you a SMS about longboard info in Beijing.

  12. I might be moving from Shanghai to Tianjin. Does anyone know any spots popular with the locals? Beside the Safari team tour, I havent seen any other stuff from the city.

  13. Tianjin is near by Beijing, there r some skateshops, I can introduce some friends to you when you arrive there.

  14. 2009-05-09 at 13:49 Ericsam

    Thank you for your hard work in promoting the skateboard sport in china and make such a beautiful and useful website.

    Would you plz recommend me some skate shops in Beijing?

  15. hi, Ericsam

    welcome to Beijing, there are many skate shops here.
    FLY street wear (Dongsi Bei Da Jie)
    Fat Tongue (Dongsi Bei Da Jie)
    … …

    give me ur email, I can email you some contacts or number.

  16. 2009-05-29 at 22:24 Ericsam

    Thank you!

    My email is ericsam23@gmail.com.

    BTW,you look like an HK artist, Ronald Cheng(zheng zhong ji)

  17. Hi. I’m about to arrange a trip to china. We’re going to stay at Guangzhou. Do you got any complex info of some skatespots over there? So far I found only this http://www.flickr.com/photos/guanmu/sets/72157605104698502/ and actually I can’t find anything else. Here is my e-mail: blazej0706@o2.pl
    Send me some info please.

  18. 2009-09-30 at 01:20 jamiewilly

    hey michal im jamie from the uk and i live and skate in guangzhou i can help u guys there is a skate park we skate regually there is a few of us there and a few peeps skate in the city but talking to one of the guys yesterday in the city they only skate one place and only after 9 10 at night but the skate park is pretty cool nice and mellow and flood lid to so you can also skate at night my email is jamiewilson30@hotmail.com hit me up and ill try help you guys out if you like when you get here

  19. 2009-10-15 at 10:23 jamiewilly

    hey dude im back in beijing proberly mid nov early dec wanna meet some peeps to skate with so if u can introduce me to some people that be cool my msn is jamiewilson30@hotmail.com u can email me there to im from the uk and have been skateing since the late 80s

  20. 2009-10-16 at 02:16 jamiewilly

    cool dude im not back yet but will be there around middle of november if anyone here snowboards to and needs transport to nanshan or somewhere i can help with that to as i drive have a suv so can make some trips up ill let u no when im back

  21. 2009-10-19 at 09:46 jamiewilly

    haha yea u need my number first ill let u no when im back was talking to someone the other day said the mini ramp in the kros nest is still there to

  22. 2009-11-26 at 05:06 jamiewilly

    hey dude im back in beijing now my number is 13810705440 drop me a line if you can hook me up with some peeps to skate with im living in the cbd area chaoyang bei lu but have a car so can drive as you no also if anyone can hook up some mini ramp sessions that be cool

  23. 2009-11-27 at 05:56 jamiewilly

    im living here dude married to a beijing chick so not leaving soon im here for good, moved back from guangzhou the other day

  24. 2009-11-30 at 22:14 jamiewilly

    dude dunno if you can help me brandon ream from woodward wants me to meet up with eli do you have a contact email for him or a number or no where he hangs out so i can catch up with him

  25. hey Jamiewill, give me your email, I will email you his contact.

  26. 2009-12-01 at 03:57 jamiewilly
  27. 2009-12-05 at 23:39 mike svenson

    Whats up Andrew, remember I came to China with the City Skateboard team? I have a question for you about china filmers, could you please email me at Mikesvenson1@yahoo.com.
    Thanks a lot, hope all is good for you these days…


  28. Hey andrew,

    wish you a happy new year!
    greetings from alex, germany.

  29. Alex!!!!!
    Happy New Year!!
    howz going in Germany, missing you!!!

  30. 2010-01-28 at 05:07 464816486


  31. 2010-07-31 at 02:42 s@kd35


  32. Hey Man,

    Sorry to bother you,but I was wondering if there are any opening hours to the skatewarehouse? I have been skating on and off in Beijing for the last 7 years, usually on my own off the beaten spots, whenever i find the time and it seems I have a lot of time this winter, so I was wondering when the warehouse is open and if you can just show up and skate it? I moved to the area last winter, but in summer I was too busy, now things have slowed down and I need to get back in shape a bit…
    Thanks a lot,

    You can find some skatepics of me in Beijing and others on my msn space, just use my email adress.


    • hi, whb is not open to public now, sorry. keep watching my site, vans woodward night 2 is coming. see you there.

  33. 2010-12-17 at 21:01 alexnm

    what is the skatewarehouse ?

  34. 2010-12-17 at 22:03 sk8alex

    what is skatewarehouse ?

  35. they where talking about WHB which was a indoor small skate park , with spin, quarters, and some stairs and hadrail located in guamao but its sadly now closed.

  36. hi i live in beijing and i would like to buy skate shoes, is there any shop except the tour skateshop.
    wat is the address of the beijing iconx shop

  37. can you translate that in pinyin please

  38. 2011-01-16 at 02:53 alexnm

    hi im from beijing and im looking for an one week internship for my school and i would like to do it at kicker club
    if you need to contact me
    my email is:alexandrenm@live.com
    and my phone number is :13661186341

  39. 2011-01-16 at 09:11 alexnm

    thank u very much for ure reply

  40. 2011-01-17 at 06:18 alexnm

    where is the iconx beijing shop still open, where is it?

  41. 2011-01-17 at 06:19 alexnm

    is the iconx beijing shop still open, where is it?

  42. Hey I want to buy a longboard, but no idea where to get it here in BJ – any suggestions? my nr is 18611727540

  43. 展现极限魅力,推广滑板文化
    1、 搭建宣传展台,派发宣传资料、滑板小礼品(贴纸、手指板、杂志等等);
    2、 邀请本地滑手现场表演;
    3、 接受现场报名,推广相应产品(推广板店,推广品牌)

  44. Hi dude, Im living in GZ for 5 years already, I used to skate when I just got here but stop skating few years ago because of my job.

    But now Im looking to skate again because I really miss it, I was wondering were can I find a nice skateshop to buy all my things: deck and shoes? I lost all my contacts from before.

    Where do all the skaters from Guangzhou get together? before it was hero park I remember but I went there the other day and did not find anyone.



  45. Hi Frank,

    They are still at hero park. you can find skateshop and skaters there for sure.

  46. Thank you very much!

  47. 2011-06-29 at 04:17 Carito


    Im looking for a longboard or a mini cruiser skateboard Globe or Sector 9 here in Beijing, but Has been almost a mission try to find a shop with brands like those… can you help me please and tell me where to go?? thank so much!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Yo, do you know of anyone skating or anywhere to skate in Haerbin besides the skatepark on this site?

  49. 2011-08-26 at 20:59 Lukas Pechacek

    hey i just moved here a couple of days ago and i am looking to buy a longboard(skate). Ive checked online but i cant find any good places to buy….are there any good places to buy longboards in Beijing?

  50. Hi i would like to know how to get to the Wu xi skatepark for Jiangnan University. Is there a street name, or a building? What is the address ? Thanks


  51. Hi Admin! I am in Beijing right now and my son is asking me to buy him this Nike sb shoes but I cant seem to find any in Nike shops. Can yopu please help me where to find them? Can you also please include the subway exits where I should go.

    Thanks so much!

  52. hi kicker! went there this am but only saw eternal, can you please tell me which Zhang Zi Zhong Lu exit should I use so I can reach Flystreetwear? They also said that there is another shop named Fat toungue? May I also please know where to find it? Sorry, first time in Beijing…..

    Thanks a lot!

  53. fat tongue is closed try to google fly street weart find the address

  54. when is the kotr china video comin out cant wait to see it !\?????!!!!!!!

  55. ???

  56. id really like to know how do foreigners pros get their visas in china??????,,?,?????

  57. Hey guys! I lived in Xian for 8 years. I recently moved back to Canada (where i was born). I’m 14 years old, and I’ve started my own skate brand. I love the skate scene in China. My brand is still fairly small. If you can help me with my brand (advertise, give advice, etc.) please let me know. Thanks. http://www.facebook.com/mscskateboards <—- Don't forget to LIKE my page on Facebook!

  58. 2012-09-12 at 12:06 gnomer88

    hey, ive recently moved to beijing, im keen to meet up with some skaters and skate some real spots. i havnt seen a single skateboarder since i got here!

  59. 2014-02-10 at 21:19 Dagur Kaveh

    Hey there, i just arrived in beijing and i was wondering if Woodward beijing was still open? Cant see anything about it on the web and the latest news i find is from 2012.

    And when is Warehouse Beijing(whb) open?

    Are there any other indoor skateparks here in beijing?


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