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Bali Skate Vision

| 24 May 2007 ||

最近,这个板场举办了为期三天的盛大的开幕活动Bali Skate Vision,包括滑板赛,祈祷仪式(信奉佛教),party等。来自法国、美国、澳大利亚、马来西亚、泰国、新加坡、印度尼西亚和巴里本地的众多滑手参加了活动。
The Bali Skate Vision event was a 3 day “Grand Opening” of Blessings, party’s, session’s, comp’s and best tricks at the new Indoor/outdoor facility in Kuta Beach, Bali. The park is super fun with lot’s of good lines to be had.There was rippers from all over. France, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and of coarse the local Indo and Bali rippers!!!!


上周五是Element for Life Skateboard公开赛
Friday was the Element for Life Skateboard Open 8th, May 2007
比赛结果FINAL results:
1. Julien Bechet, France
2. Pedro Day, Australia
3. Yogi Darmawan, Bali, Indonesia
4. Rino Herman, Indonesia
5. Josh Rio, Australia
6. Fuad Khairuddin, Malaysi

Julien FS nosegrind

Pedro JT air the Barcelona stairs

Yogi BS 50-50 the Marble Hubba

Rino Hard flip the Barcelona

Sat. was the Billabong Bowl Challenge 9th, May 2007
FINAL results:
1. Chad Bartie, Australia
2. Julien Bechet, France
3. Sasha Steinhorst, USA
4. Gunther Veveiros, Brasil

Chad FS Hip Ollie

Sasha Cradle carve

Local ripper Julien Bergougnoux FS Hip

Jean Sabastian Lien to tail transfer


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