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Hundreds of new skateparks are being built every year. It is a boom era for public skateboarding facilities. However, no public skatepark has ever been built without a group of dedicated advocates promoting the project. This new book encourages and guides people through the skatepark process… …(check the website for more info)
IASC( International Association Of Skateboard Companies 国际滑板公司协会),Skaters for Public Skateparks和Tony Hawk基金会最近联合推出了一本书《公共滑板场发展指南》… …

这本128页的指南由美国最顶尖的公共滑板场倡导者撰写,适合所有年龄阶段的人阅读,由TonyHawk作序,全面详细的描述了如何通过与IASC或者 Tony Hawk基金会等公益组织的合作来建设你自己社区的滑板场的途径及滑板场建设各个阶段的具体实施方案等。而且这本书还是免费的,你只需要付邮费即可(当然 只限美国,而且书中所讲的各种滑板场的实施方案更是只限美国,中国什么时候会有像TonyHawk基金会这种专门资助社区滑板场建设的机构鬼才知道).有兴趣的朋友可以去他们的官方网站了解一下更详细的情况。

Skatepark advocacy is usually a lonely effort. Groups have been isolated in their activity and were required to research the most effective ways to build support for their project. The non-profit organization, Skaters for Public Skateparks (SPS), was founded in 2004 to address the need for accessible skatepark advocacy information and now reaches thousands of advocates across the world. Until the creation of SPS, precious few resources existed to support the cause. Now a single, comprehensive book guides the advocate from the early stages of envisioning, through planning and development, all the way to managing the open facility.

The Public Skatepark Development Guide is the world’s first comprehensive instructional manual on skatepark advancement and is a publishing collaboration between the International Association of Skateboard Companies, Tony Hawk Foundation, and SPS. The Guide presents the collected wisdom of dozens of the nation’s most effective skatepark proponents and expertly discusses every stage of skatepark creation.

* 128-page Guide to Skatepark Advancement
* Full-color cover, black-and-white interiors
* Written by top skatepark advocates
* Over two dozen graphics and 60 photographs
* Written for people of all ages and experience
* Foreword by Tony Hawk
* Extended supplemental chapter with templates, forms, and worksheets

Brought to you by:

* International Association Of Skateboard Companies
* Skaters For Public Skateparks
* Tony Hawk Foundation

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