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像Tony Hawk系列滑板游戏的一贯作风,每年春季都会有新游戏即将发布的消息,继去年Tony Hawk Project 8之后,最近GamePro Magazine有放出了最新内部消息,Tony Hawk系列最新大作Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground即将在今年秋季与大家见面,看来面对EA的SKATE的步步紧逼,Activition也没闲着。

Activision has finally announced what we all knew was coming, a new Tony Hawk title. Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground will give players freedom to define their character, story and style based on the choices they make, the paths they choose and the style of skating they use on the proving grounds from Philadelphia and Baltimore to Washington, D.C.

具游戏开发小组的消息,该游戏的平台包括了Xbox360/PS2/PS3/Wii/NDS在内的各主流游戏平台,是Tony Hawk系列滑板游戏历史上的一次真正的飞跃。

在本次的新作中,制作方致力于游戏角色的个性化发展,让每一个喜爱滑板的玩家都可以拥有属于自己的滑板风格。在游戏中提供给玩家一个视频编辑工 具,使用这个工具玩家可以对自己做出的各种动作进行剪辑合成,然后可以让其他有同样爱好的玩家看到您的作品。THPG将会着重网络要素,标准的 单人游戏部分也会和网络无缝连接,虽然官方还未公布具体的细节,但是这一要素可能是于《无限试驾》类似的方式来进行,玩家只要连接到网络并且拥有相应的会 员资格,就可以在同一个游戏世界中看到其他玩家。


Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground features deeper customization than before, including a Video Editor with full-featured editing tools and visual effects for creating skate videos and a fully customizable online Skate Lounge where players can skate with friends in the ultimate pad. In addition, players will have the freedom to skate from single player to online seamlessly, as well as utilize new gameplay mechanics such as skateable terrain altering and building, and Bowl Carving. Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground also features even more Nail the Trick moves such as Nail the Grab and Nail the Manual intensifying the thrill of pulling off big tricks.

“Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground drops players into the skateboarding world like never before,” said Joel Jewett, president of Neversoft. “This is the largest, deepest and most compelling Tony Hawk game ever. You can skate the best lines, define your own style and produce your own videos. You can even take it further by tricking out your own Skate Lounge, where you can hang out and skate with others online. Proving Ground will throw you so deep into the lifestyle of skateboarding that you won’t be able to get out. Hands down, it’s the most exciting Tony Hawk title yet.”

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground is in development by Neversoft for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation and Nintendo DS.

游戏中你甚至可以拍摄并剪辑你自己的skate video


There are more detail from

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground The name is official. THPG is what we’ll be calling our new Hawk game!

The June 2007 issue of GamePro magazine has the exclusive scoop on the newest Hawk title. Thanks to Tightosp, we have all the juicy details! Read on!

The Basics

The new Hawk game will be launching for the PS3 and Xbox360 some time this fall. Pretty much the same story we hear each spring! While there will be other games (PS2/Xbox/PSP/Wii/NDS/GBA/Wireless/PC – potentially, just to name a few), this article solely deals with the PS3 and 360. All the details were from the issue of GamePro and no images were used. Pick up a copy at newsstands, or wait for some official shots to come out. Just know, it looks good!

The locale in Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground is a fictional one. This combines Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA and Washington, D.C. to make one huge world. And by huge, the article suggests 50% bigger than the one found in Project 8. yeah. That’s big!

Nail The…

A complaint in the years leading up THP8 was a level of stagnant creativity. Last year’s title gave something very fresh and exciting to the series in the form of Nail-The-Trick (NTT) moves. The slow-motion trick festival here was flashy, interesting and functional. However, many wanted more, and it’s no surprise that there are additions to the system this time. Rather than being limited to flip tricks, now Nail-The-Grab and Nail-The-Manual (NTG/NTM) exist as well! Apparently the controls are simple. After initiating a NTT, hold one of the left triggers to switch to NTG. NTM allows you to string all of this together. This could be very cool, as real-time kickflip-to-indy and varial heelflip liens may be performed. The possibilities are endless, as we saw in last year’s game. Couple this with the new video options (more below) and we should see some slick movies.

Skate Classes

Since the early days, you could choose your type of skater. Street or Vert. While the discrepancy was nice, it really only offered you a different trickset. Now, we’re looking at a full-fledged set of skaters, each functioning completely differently from the others. The three different skate classes are: Career

Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler, Arto Saari, Jereme Rogers Features
Camera abilities. Set up different cameras to take footage. This apparently benefits you in the form of money and new sponsors. You can save your pics as well.

Upgrade Nail-The-Trick, Nail-The-Grab and Nail-The-Manual stats.


Mike Vallely, Andrew Reynolds, Lance Mountain (!!!), Dustin Dollin Features
Aggro Push, Pull, Kick. When losing speed, Aggro Pull to gain momentum whilst manualing. Aggro Push citizens that get in your way and Aggro Kick seems to be taken from Shaba’s version of THP8 on the PS2/Xbox/PSP. These skaters can push to give them a little more speed.

Upgrade Boost Tricks, Skate Checks and Bowl Shredding. The latter is based on bowl skating, and here we look to what are likely Bert Slides as one of their exclusive features.


Daewon Song, Jeff King Features
Ability to change the landscape by placing new items throughout the stage. This is like the small customization found in recent games, add a kicker here, a rail there, etc.

As these skaters progress, their ability to change the stage increases. They will have better walking/climbing abilities and eventually earn more pieces to modify the environment.

Video Editing

Mentioned above for career skaters, apparently you’ll be able to take video footage at any time of the game. A full set of video editing tools are supposed to be incorporated, including vidual effects, audio options, cutting and merging. The videos seem to be limited to a minute and can be uploaded so that your friends can see your creations. It sounds like what you guys have been doing since THPS3!


Continuing with their legacy of online play, the PS3 finally joins the fray. Playstation Home may be incorporated, as the online feature should be launched by then. Beyond this, expect the usual list of multiplayer games.Videos can be uploaded and these affect your online leaderboards as well.

Additional Snippets

A small sidebar in the article tells of real-time weather playing a role in the game. It took 8 years, but we’re going to get rain! Clouds, fog, puddles all should give the world another realistic kick in the butt. It’s been a few years since THUG gave us time, now it’s weather! I love the quote on a “Living Ambient World”. Sounds like the same thing we’ve heard for 5 years! However, it claims that there will be random events to make the world seem more real.

The balance bar has been tweaked. It’s been revamped. It’s, “so revolutionary, you’ll wonder why it took nine years to implement.” I had to quote that part. We’ll see how this works. As long as I don’t have to use the SixaxiS controller to balance, I’ll be fine.

Finally, there are arcade machines around the stage where you can initiate some mini-games. High Score Run, Classic and Hawk Man are 3 of the available games.

Final Thoughts

Being that this is solely from an article, there’s only so many creative liberties one can take when writing about it. The official name isn’t even mentioned. However, I think many of us will agree that THP8 was the revolution the series needed. The flaws present were things that Neversoft went straight to, and it’s quite possible that THPG will be the best of the bunch. As I write this, you guys have voted it to be your 2nd Favorite Hawk Title Ever!, just behind the legendary THPS2 (my vote).The wait begins, but from the little we know, it’s going to be awesome!

– slateman


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