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On September 26th, 2007, Hurley opened its doors to their newly finished skatepark held inside their warehouse at their HQ in Costa Mesa, CA. Everyone from the team was in town to help celebrate and people were able to witness skating from the likes of Kris Markovich, James Atkin, Andre Genovesi, Aaron Astorga, Bob Burnquist, Rodolfo Ramos, Wagner Ramos, Curren Caples, Collin Hale, John Dickson, David Loy, along with sessions from their friends Fabrizio Santos, Omar Hassan, Daggers’ Dave Duncan and Eddie Reategui! Evan surf great Rob Machado was in the house! Guests were treated to catering by Nalu’s, with drinks from Sambazon, sodas, water, and, of course, kegs of beer! It’s safe to say that everyone had a good time and witnessed some great skating.
9月26日,HURLEY位于加州Costa Mesa的室内滑板场正式对外开放,HURLEY team的成员及众多朋友纷纷到场庆祝。

Bank/hip on the left and a gnarly bank-to-wall setup on the right.

These hubbas are legit. Cement top for killer grinds.(注意白色的部分!)

Hanging out tent-side.

Nalu’s Island Grill had some killer chicken, beef and fish. Great teriyaki sauce, too.


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