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继Flickr之后,Youtube也被GFW给屏蔽了,现在就先凑合着看在线的quicktime视频吧,这里有一段来自BlackLable的关于前不久刚结束的Vans Down Town Showdown的video,怕血者勿入.阅读全文观看视频…
After Wiki and Fllickr, Youtube was blocked in China now, damn. What’s the next? Myspace? Google? Who knows… There is a video about Vans Downtown Showdown from Blacklable,It seems like everyone was at the Downtown Showdown and everybody has already covered it on the web. Well we were there too! Here is our version from down in the trenches. Warning: There is a little blood and gore in this but fortunatley they put Omar’s head back together just fine.

如果无法观看点此链接 Click here if you can not watch the video


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