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Blind Team来深圳拍摄video已经五天了,前几天一直在陪City的Dave和Think的Manny拍video,没有见到他们,今天下午在SwitchPlaza终于见到了Blind team和Chris Haslam!他们在SwitchPlaza旁边的oldschool溜冰场拍摄一些动作,Chris在拍摄闲暇跑到SwitchPlaza来玩碗池。截止到今天,我个人认为的目前世界上最牛逼的三名滑手已经全部来过Switch Plaza了!(Rodney Mullen, Chris Cole和Chris Haslam)
Blind Team have been in Shenzhen for five days, they come to SwitchPlaza this afternoon with Chris Haslam! Now, the top 3 skaters in the world(in my opinion) Rodney Mullen, Chris Cole and Chris Haslam have all been to SwitchPlaza.

Blind Team filming at the oldschool rollerblade skatepark next to Switch Plaza.

Chris Haslam在SwitchPlaza玩碗池

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