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今年X Games街式项目的板场设计仍然是在室外的纯街式风格,但是在我看到这个板场的照片后惊讶的目瞪口呆,大家不觉得这些设计非常之眼熟么?!!尤其是深圳的滑手们…在我们疯狂模仿、关注美国滑板运动的同时,我们是不是应该放多些注意力到我们的身边,正像所有来过中国的美国滑手们感受到的一样,中国到处都是天然的Skate Plaza,而我们缺乏的正是这个滑板的眼力。欢迎大家多多拍摄你身边的好地形发给我(guanmu@gmail.com).我会刊登在本站的Skate Spots栏目。
The skatepark of this year’s X Games is a big surprise  for China skaters! Do you want to know why? Please continue reading… China is not only the factory of the world now : )

This part of the park looks exactly same as the spot at Diwang building, Shenzhen, China.

Jimmy Cao fs kickflip, 2007 photo:Guan Mu

Don heelflip, 2005 photo:Guan Mu

This part looks like the very famous wave spot in Deng Xiaoping Square, Shenzhen, China.

Corey Duffle, 2005 photo:Guan Mu

今年新项目Super Park的赛场俯视图



  1. 2008-08-07 at 14:18 bobtown

    and super park is similar to smp in shanghai

  2. yes, the super park just like the SMP park, I forgot it!


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