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Foot Locker To Buy CCS For $102 Million(CCS被收购)

| 30 Sep 2008 ||

著名的在线极限用品商店CCS刚刚被更“著名的”在线运动鞋销售网站Foot Locker以1.02亿美金的价格收购!!随着滑板运动的发展,在美国已经逐渐演变成了大众消费的目标,吸引了越来越多传统公司的注意力,无论是Quiksilver收购DC,还是NIKE收购HURLEY,或者是被收购的iPath,Duffs等等商业案例,都证明了滑板市场的飞速发展。而这起网络并购案更是证明了滑板市场的价值。但是正如这则新闻的英文原文所说的一样,我们应该多多支持自己本地的滑板店,因为滑板有今天,绝对离不开滑板店的贡献,在滑板没有发展到能够创造如此大的利润的阶段前,是各地的滑板店在坚持推广滑板运动,促进滑板的发展,扶持滑手的发展。
Hey kids, do you buy your decks and shoes from catalog giant CCS? Well, now you’ll be buying them from Foot Locker. The huge mall based shoe store is looking to “expand its offerings in the skateboarding apparel category” and has agreed to buy CCS for a cool $102 million. Not exactly chump change. We guess it will be a small price to pay in order to “help broaden its appeal to teenaged males”.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, PLEASE support your local privately owned skate shop. If and when skateboarding becomes anything less than a target market these shops will still be there supporting the scene. We’re guessing the 63 year old Foot Locker CEO who makes $1,500,000 a year couldn’t care less.

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