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To celebrate the launch of Louis Vuitton’s Stephen Sprouse collection, Louis Vuitton will be doing several things which includes redecorating New York’s SoHo Louis Vuitton store, releasing a series of limited edition items as well as hosting cocktail parties at their flagship store.
LV为纪念已故设计师Stephen Sprouse,推出了了一款滑板,当然,我觉得用来装滑板的箱子才是正题。滑板上的图案就是Stephen Sprouse的涂鸦作品。售价8250美金,没错,还是美金!滑板一下子登堂入室进了大雅之堂,不知道你怎么想。

from Altmont blog:
“Yeah, we know. Times are tough. As the world plunges ever deeper into the worst economic recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s, penny-pinching skateboarders buy blank decks and huddle around garbage can fires under bridges. But none of that stopped French luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton from releasing a Stephen Sprouse graffiti skateboard in an edition of three that comes complete with a hard case monogram trunk.

The price, you ask? Oh, just a mere $8,250. That may only be bus fare to Bill Gates, but to your typical American, that’s about four months worth of mortgage payments! You may not be able to live in a house anymore, but at least you can flash a big, confident hobo smile as you carry around the ultimate bling-in-a-case! And you can sleep easier (on the sidewalk) knowing that the proceeds will go to charity! (Hopefully, a charity that will give some food away…to YOU.)”

from Skatedaily:
“If you thought $3,000 dollars was way too much for a bag or purse, guess how much Louis Vuitton is asking for their limited edition skateboard? How about 8 G’s! We think it’s time for Louis Vuitton to concentrate on handbags and leave skateboarding alone.”


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