2009 SANTA CRUZ SURF JAM(海南冲浪活动预告) - KickerClub

继去年成功举办第一次Santacruz海南冲浪活动以后,2009第二次Santa Cruz海南冲浪活动也将于4月开始。点击上图前往活动网站了解详情。
Click the photo above to go check more detail about this event. there r some photos about the jam last year.


  1. dude! check my switch stance bra.. lol..

  2. shitz, I thought you were regs!

  3. u ride switch?damn dude
    are u gonna be down there for a while?ill be down there in the 2nd week of april or some shit and wanna skate that new mini-lets hook it up!

  4. eli and i may not go. all depends on number of peeps heading down for lessons. 2nd week of april definitely will not be there.. sorry bro…

  5. pooh


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