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昨天是比赛第一天,因为要工作没有去现场看比赛,冲浪中国给我发了些照片。昨天比了弧面和斜杆的best trick。冠军分别是Dan和车霖。裁判是DVS的Jimmy和刚刚赶到北京的Kerry Getz.晚上是板友大聚会,各种喝酒,稍后发照片。先说说昨天比赛的详细情况(袁飞,车霖录音整理)。
Yesterday is the first day of the contest, Che Lin won the Handrail Throw Down and Dan won the Quarter pipe Craziness. Kerry Getz finally be arrived and judged the contest with Jimmy Cao. I was not there because work but I got some photos from Surfing China. Che Lin and Yuan Fei(the MC) told me the whole story and what tricks they did…

香港Johnnie也赶来参加了比赛 Johnnie from HongKong

北京本地滑手席斌 Beijing local skater Xi Bin

车霖参加的比赛基本没有悬念 Che Lin won the game

车霖比赛中成了很多恐怖的活:Che Lin did a bunch of awsome tricks:
kgrind to bs lipslide, 360 flip lipslide, kickflip nose slide, kickflip boardslide, kickflip fs boardslide, heelflip boardslide, switch kgrind to bs lipslide.

谢文凯 Xie Wenkai from Shanghai

Kerry Getz在作表演

Jimmy Cao

Kerry Getz, 和袁飞车霖聊天聊到Kerry Getz,我问他今天有没有说fuck, 砸东西,bingo!全中!Kerry Getz昨天表演中扔滑板,砸道具,摔鞋,各种音量说fuck一样都没少,哈哈。

Break News is there is a skater broke his leg during the contest today! I am going to Beijing Woodward tomorrow morning, show you photos later.


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