Tony Hawk 2 Comes to iPhone(经典滑板游戏Tony Hawk2登陆iPhone) - KickerClub

上大学的时候在ps2上玩这个游戏的时候,我从没有想过会有一天可以在手机上玩这个游戏,真是变化太快了。这是非常经典的一个游戏,带我回忆起了很多旧时光。进来看更多截图。有iPhone,iPod touch的赶紧行动吧。
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is now out on the App Store. It is not an iPad title — it’s only for the iPhone and the iPod touch, but of course it should still run on the iPad in an upscaled mode. This is probably my favorite Tony Hawk game of all time, and while the touchscreen controls may be a little squishier than the old PlayStation buttons, the reviews are great so far.


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