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This summer American clothing brand Volcom (www.volcom.com) will be supporting a two month screen printing project in Shanghai and Beijing, titled Volcom x Young Emerging Chinese Artists Screen Printing Workshop. The event, presented by NeochaEDGE, IdleBeats and source, will bring together some of the best young Chinese and Western creatives in China to give workshops on screen printing methods, as well to launch the first Volcom t-shirt collaboration project in China. The workshops will take place at the source Shanghai store on July 17th and the source Beijing store on August 7th, 2010.
这个夏天美国服装品牌Volcom(www.volcom.com)将会在上海和北京支持举办为期两个月的丝网印刷工作坊计划,叫做 Volcom x 中国先锋创意人丝网印刷工作坊。本次活动由新茶锋潮(NeochaEDGE), IdleBeats 和 source 共同呈现,带来中西方顶尖创意人共同呈现两场丝网印刷的盛宴并届时发布Volcom在中国第一次的T恤合作计划。现场活动将于2010年7月17日在上海source和8月7日在北京source举行。

NeochaEDGE (http://edge.neocha.com) teamed up with screen printing studio IdleBeats (www.idlebeats.com) to identify and work with a range of China’s best young artists for the Volcom Screen Printing Workshop. IdleBeats founder Nini Sum quotes “It’s a great pleasure to work with Volcom on the first live screen printing tour event in China. It has allowed IdleBeats to branch out and work with a group of talented and creative people from around the country. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to getting my hands dirty at the events.”
新茶锋潮(http://edge.neocha.com) 携手IdleBeats丝网印刷工作室邀约全国跨领域杰出创意人共同呈现这次工作坊。IdleBeats的创始人Nini Sum说到:“很高兴这次可以和Volcom合作举办中国第一次的跨城市巡回的现场丝印活动, 这让IdleBeats有幸和来自全国的顶尖创意人合作创作丝印艺术品. 我很感谢这次的机会并期待在现场活动时和大家一起享受丝印的乐趣’
Below are the selected artists who represent various backgrounds and approaches to art and design:

• Nini Sum – http://www.ninisum.com/
• Jellymon – http://jellymon.com/
• Elephant – http://www.elephant77.com/
• Wang Meng – http://blog.sina.com.cn/dorasmeng
• Ca Zhuxi – http://blog.sina.com.cn/cbd
Each artist has created a library of Volcom inspired imagery to be used as screen prints during the workshop. Also, the Volcom Art Department in Costa Mesa, California will be reviewing these designs and choosing one from each artist to be printed on limited edition t-shirts.
每位艺术家都创作了一系列以Volcom为灵感来源的作品并将在工作坊现场以手工丝印的方式展现。同时, 来自加利福尼亚州柯斯塔麦萨市的Volcom艺术部将选择其中的一款作为Volcom限量T恤的设计。
NeochaEDGE (http://edge.neocha.com) co-founder Sean Leow explains “among a youth generation that is increasingly connected by digital means, screen printing is a cool, low-tech way for kids to meet up, roll up their sleeves, get inspired and interact with artists to create a unique piece of artwork.” The Volcom Screen Printing Workshop will be open to the public, where guests can talk with the five attending artists, learn the basics of screen printing, and choose a Volcom design to screen print themselves.
新茶锋潮的合作创始人Sean Leow说:“对以网络为联络基础的年轻人来说, 丝网印刷是个低科技又超酷的方式可以让他们聚在一起、卷起袖子、通过艺术家交流来获得灵感,还能参与制作属于自己独一无二的艺术品”Volcom工作坊将对大众开放,人们可以和艺术家直接交谈来学习丝网印刷的基础知识,并且选择一款设计自己动手印刷。
The vibe of the Volcom Screen Printing Workshop will be “backyard barbeque.” For those missing that backyard feeling and for those who like the smell of a traditional bbq, this will be THE summer event. Source will be bringing the backyard indoors, with live acoustic music, bbq area, beers on tap and grass under foot. In the midst of an urban backyard environment, screen printers will be set up in the middle getting messy. To all guests, be prepared for some painting fun!
Leading up to the workshop, Volcom will be looking for a sixth artist to take part in the event. Through the NeochaEDGE online platform, artists nationwide can submit Volcom art samples to participate in the online campaign. Artists will be judged on the quality of their submission, creative use of the Volcom logo, and depth of creativity. One winner will be chosen during the Beijing source workshop and he or she will win “one month of free clothes” from Volcom. For more information on the online campaign, sign onto http://edge.neocha.com.
Volcom正在寻找第六位艺术家来一起参与这次工作坊。来自全国各地的设计师和艺术家都可以通过新茶锋潮的网站上传Volcom设计样稿至活动页面。选择的标准则是作品的整体质量、结合Volcom Logo创新度 以及创意理念的深度。最终这位获胜者的名字将在北京source活动现场宣布, 他/她将得到来自Volcom的“整月免费服装”奖励。更多详情请登陆 http://edge.neocha.com .
For more information about the Volcom x Young Emerging Chinese Artists Screen Printing Workshop event schedule and much more, sign onto www.thesource.cn.
想了解更多关于Volcom x 中国先锋创意人丝网印刷工作坊 的信息, 请加入www.thesource.cn

Artist List:
Wang Meng (aka Dora.S) is a Beijing-based creative whose work spans design, animation, painting and VJ-ing. His distinctive style evokes his childhood influences and his philsopohy: “I’m gonna regret the rest of my life if I give up my transformers and be a mama’s boy.”
北京创作人王萌 (aka: Dora.S)游刃于设计、动画、绘画和VJ等多个领域,其独特的风格源于童年记忆。至今,王萌都还把那句“如 果为了比别的小朋友小红花多而放弃玩变形金刚,我会遗憾终生的”奉为他的生活理念。

Nini Sum is a Shanghai-based creative whose works includes everything from oil paintings to hand-drawn illustrations to figure sculptures and album covers. Nini picks and chooses a wide range of elements that display her Chinese roots, foreign influences and incredible imagination. She also founded screen printing studio IdleBeats which is the first studio that designs and hand-prints gig posters in China.
作为设计师和艺术家,Nini Sum目前生活在上海。她热爱插画和油画创作,也做专辑设计和音乐海报。她创立了IdleBeats丝网印刷工作室 这也是中国第一家设计并手印演出海报的工作室。

Elephant Xiang is an award-winning visual artist, recognized for his talents in the disciplines of illustration, digital design, graffiti and VJ-ing. Elephant is one of China’s leading post-1980s creatives and his work is known for its unique blend of traditional Chinese elements and cutting-edge modern design.
大象(Elephant)是一位获过奖的视觉艺术家,他的创作集中在插画、数码设计、 涂鸦和VJ等领域,擅长以独有方式将中国传统 元素和先锋派设计融合起来。 可以说,大象是中国80后青年创意人中的代表人物。

Jellymon is a multi-discipline design boutique that creates and provides design, fashion, artwork, toys, lifestyle products, photography, branding and creative/art direction. Jellymon was founded by Lin Lin and Sam Jacobs, the pair met at Chelsea School of Art in 2002 and have been working together ever since.

Jellymon/JMGS are primarily based in Shanghai and London but have worked on projects in the UK, China, the US, Europe, Korea, Singapore, Japan and Australia with clients such as Nike, Adidas, Reine et Roi, Kid Robot, eno Shanghai, Evisu, Wieden & Kennedy, K-Swiss, Mizuno, Motorola, E4 (Channel 4 UK), Tomy/Takara and many more.
Jellymon/JMGS是从事插画、玩具、服装、潮流品、品牌、创意方向等方面的多元化设计与创意理念的工作室。Jellymon由Linlin和Sam Jacobs共同创立,2002年他们 相识于英国切尔西艺术学院并一起工作至今。他们主要在上海和伦敦两地工作,但同样为在英国、中国、美国、欧洲、日本和欧洲 等地的客户提供服务。他们曾为小型独立公司和跨国公司服务,例如 Nike, Wieden & Kennedy, eno, Casio, K-Swiss, Motorola, E4 (channel 4 UK), EMI, Trek Bikes, Tomy/Takara, Wyborowa等等。

Chairman Ca is Beijing’s leading underground artist and poster designer as well as the founder of the “Cult Youth” comic collective. Chairman is the visual director of livehouse D-22 and for leading Beijing bands Carsick Cars and PK-14. He has also worked on many commercial collaborations, most notably with Converse in China.
擦主席 – 艺术家,京城最热知名商业插画师。毕业于北京广播学院动画学院动画技术,cg插画班课程设计高级讲师。成功策办 《Cult Youth》系列 地下漫画丛书 ,担任Carsick cars、pk14、D22 众多乐队演出海报设计,匡威北京御用画手,与众多4a级广告公司保持工作联系。

About Source
source is more than a clothing store, it’s a hub for street culture. We demand any subject whether it be art, music, or apparel represents an original, fresh and innovative perspective. Our ideals are simple: the right to choose, the right to be unique, and the right to live street.
We are China’s premium multi-branded street fashion concept. Why? We represent the most authentic brands from around the world. Since 2006 we’ve been showcasing the latest in local and international street culture to our audience in China.
source is China’s premium street destination…check us out on the web: www.thesource.cn


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