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智能手机上又多了一款滑板游戏, 看够了Tony Hawk, Shaun White的请看过来, 这次是Bob Burquist. 游戏玩法很简单, 加速方法与Tiny Wine相同, 空中可以通过指划操作来作各种动作, 管卡都是Bob自己的经典道具什么Mega Ramp, 360度全管等等, 动作包括Japan Air, 900度, 次杆等等. 基本属于娱乐休闲小游戏,不是专业滑板游戏.(游戏官网
Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland is a skateboarding and adventure game that brings the skateboarder Bob Burnquist as the main character. The game showcases real life signature tricks from Bob illustrated in a cartoon like world. With a simple gameplay that is incredibly fun, the game introduces scenes and backgrounds inspired by the real Dreamland: Bob’s own Backyard.

All the individual obstacle blocks were designed by Bob, which will allow the player to make a Dream Journey into the mind of one of the best and most creative skateboarders of all time.

The main objective of the game is to complete each level with the best performance possible. The player will be evaluated by each level completed, and the more tricks, combos, collection of items and height in jumps, the better the final score. There are 3 different levels of evaluation. Sweet! , Rad! and Awesome!

The game will have 5 initial levels available, which will allow the players to feel the game, and to review the tips on how to make the best performances. An additional 25 new levels will be available to purchase for 99 cents. A lot more is yet to come in the coming months: Updates bringing you new ramp designs, tricks, environment and other changes for more fun and entertainment to the fans of the game around the World.


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