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Waara是一家来自芬兰的专门制作Cruiser Boards的新公司.板面都是采用传统的木工工艺制作,完全在芬兰本地生产.其实这些滑板都是由Simo Karvinen制作,但是也得到很多朋友的支持和帮助.旨在为你提供最高品质的原汁原味的滑板产品.
Created in 2009 Waara Skateboards is a young company which manufactures unique handmade cruiser skateboards. Boards are made with traditional woodwork including some special details such as intarsia technique. Ash ply gives the boards their distinctive and desirable look. Everything is produced in Finland using the local resources.

The whole board production is mainly a one man show by Simo Karvinen, but Waara has a lot of support from friends and professionals. The carpenters Mikko Tähkävuori, Lasse Karvinen and Tuomas Kohvakka, designers Emilia Kiialainen, Matti Kääriäinen, Juuso Semi and Miika Kainu as well as Mikko Riiali, Thomas Scotson, Timo Piepponen and Pekka Härkönen form the special crew. They aim to bring you high-class, useable and original products.

Make your way to the grocery store, work or walk your dog on a Waara deck and life becomes more fun between the skate-sessions.The most important thing at Waara skateboards is creating a quality-handcrafted product with friends.



Ash and birch wood plies
Laser engraved logo
8,25×32,5 inch


100% Cotton “Dearborn” Canvas 12 oz.
Carhartt brown
Special branded patch


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