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Just announced on & on iPro Lens’ Instagram is news of Omar Salazar’s signature iphone fisheye lens from iPro lens X Alien Workshop.

This is no doubt the best fisheye lens system for the iphone –  especially for video, & the results are not much different from the legendary “Death Lenses” made by Century Optics that we used before on our cameras…

“The “Death Lens” or Mark I & Mark II fisheyes changed skateboard videos for the better and were used in virtually every major video over the past 15 years. Alien Workshop has proudly used Century lenses since the beginning. We’re honored to continue their legacy and offer a fisheye lens for more modern times.”

Ever since Omar hooked me up with a set last summer, I have had excellent results with this little lens – check out my Viddy feed to see!

The current kit has the iPhone case for the iPhone 4/4S, (according to info on – the iphone5 case is coming soon)

With the purchase of the Omar iPro kit, you will also receive a FREE Omar Salazar iPro Deck – Available NOW!!

For more info & to buy now, check


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