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Quintin是比较早进入中国市场的服饰品牌,2008年创立,短短5年时间已经初具规模。旗下更是签有Dave Bachinsky等职业滑手。Quintin在洛杉矶总部位于市中心区域,紧邻中国城,离The Berrics板场也不远。参观后才知道原来Quintin的帽子都是Made in LA! 3分钟的短片带你看看滑板公司的幕后是怎样的。

Quintin Co. founded by two friends that were brought together through a history of working together, Brett Wiley and Sam Lam. At a young age Brett lived and breathed the action sports lifestyle, which would later fuel the passion to create a brand to help support not only his life but the lives of people that surrounded him. Sam grew up in Los Angeles, his family comes from a long history of manufacturing, having grown up with a factory at his finger tips, the idea of starting a brand was always on his mind. Brett was a member of the founding team of the brand Elm Company, Brett and Sam met each other back in 2005, at this time Brett was using Sam’s factory in Los Angeles for screen printing. After parting ways with Elm, Brett spent a few years at other brands, at the same time traveling, creating, and living the lifestyle that he had become accustomed to.

In beginning of 2009, the conversation began between Sam and Brett about starting a new brand, with all the negative in the world these days, they wanted to create a brand that focused on positivity and bringing authenticity. In the beginning the main target was to bring different outlooks and fabrications to the headwear market utilizing domestic manufacturing.


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