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来自香港得8Five2滑板店已经走过15个年头,在这15年之中8Five2和香港的滑手们不断推进滑板在香港的发展,Stefan Janoski也加入了8Five2麾下,而且在这座拥挤的城市里已经有了14座滑板场,滑板在香港的发展越来越好,一起欣赏8Five2 15周年纪录短片
This is a short segment i shoot and edited awhile back on my good Friend Brian Siswojo Local skate shop owner in Hong Kong of 8FIVE2SHOP its one of the few skate shops in Hong Kong but in my opinion unlike most shops its very true to its roots and is helping skaters & skateboarding its self buildup to higher levels in Hong Kong.

Since skateboarding is still so new here now a days its not often that you meet someone that does not know what skateboarding is but in H-K this still is very common it makes for an interesting Cultural build up .
Since skateboarders seems to always find them self’s traveling to new places to work on one of their upcoming projects and Asia beings one of the most sought after destinations for most American & foreign professionals. Hong Kong has its street spots buts it harder to get away with skating them then it is in China so H-K Acts as the gateway to places like Shenzhen,GZ,Foshan China to name a few.
8FIVE2SHOP has been here before that hype started up and they have welcomed everyone with open arms and helped them out in anyway they can.
They have deep roots in Asia skateboard culture and believe it or not are pretty well known with most travelers around the world that choose to make there way over here for skateboarding.
Filmed & Edited By :
Jordan Mayfield
Additional Filming By:
Dani Bautista
Producded By
Flow Point Productions
Directed By
J Brian Siswojo
Motion Graphics By
Ryan Smith
Shot on Location
Hong Kong
Vans SK85IVE2
J Brian Siswojo
Skaters in order of appearance
Chun Chai
Piet Guilfoyle
Chris Bradley
Seb Batty
Ar Ngau
Ar Chun
On Chai
Stefan Janoski
Music Credit :
Intro Song
Artist: Gramatik
Song: Lonely & Cold
Artist : Marvin Gaye
Song: Inner City Blues
Make Me Wanna Holler
Artist: Grover Washington & JR.
Song: Mister Magic
Credits Song
Artist: Johnny Pate
Song: Truck Stop
8FIVE2SHOP Would Like To Thank
The City Of Hong Kong
Vans Footwear
ProB-8five2 Manager
Mouse-8five2 Employee
8FIVE2 Staff & Friends
Warren R.M. Stuart
Brian Lee Siswojo
Annie Lee Siswojo
Tayla Lee Siswojo
Anthony Claravall
Jordan Mayfield
Flow Point
Piet Guilfoyle
Stefan Janoski
Omar Salazar
Chris Bradley
Chun Chai
Seb Batty
Ar Chun
Ar Ngau
On Chai
And to anyone that has supported us &
Skateboarding in Hong kong…


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